Monday, December 5, 2016

Chemical free Pagoda Coil Incense

I am amaze that mediacorp allow me to demo coil incense art.  Before I use the coil incense and launch, i sent for testing free from chemical, mercury and lead. This is so important. And so far we are the only one that do that:> I am glad is all good quality
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I manage to convince them incense is not religion is an art.

So that day so auspiciously we have demo

1) Wishfufilling Pagoda Sandalwood coil incense: Bring wish comes true, clear house energy. Increase good vibration of house. promote feelings of peace and serenity
2) Agarwood Coil incense : Bring calmness, reduce anxiety and worries and appease Sha Qi. Good for new house to burn daily for 3 days. One coil per day. dispel depression
3) Medicine coil incense: Good for health and bring compassion and love to all situation. Good for situations when people mistaken you or ren yuan poor or need more help AND  receive good energy.eases fears, improves memory and focus. healing, for good health

Try them ok u will love it. Not only improve house energy but happiness. Do it with window open la:>

U can burn 30 mins and break the coil and continue burning. Because each coil is 2 hours

Coil incense can be found scroll down to below

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