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Bank Account :Aura and Personal Luck

1)Welcome 2017 talk 8th Jan 2017 will be full house soon.
2) 2nd April Health and Beauty with Bryan 2017 part one (must come)

Many people asked me in the past when i was still doing reading for people (2004).

How can u read and understand the person issues even not reveal much (i dont do le, so please ask me do ahaha because very injured to my aura) . My last reading was CAAS airport for 80 people in a day... (after that day i sick for 2 weeks) so i stop le:>

My items: Even though i dont do reading anymore, but i decide to benefit people with my articles. And I infuse good energy to my lucky items since 2008 remember the first lucky item was gui ren bag.

1) Gui ren bag 2008  --- Build up ur networking and opportunity
2) FLower Coin 2010 --- Lock ur wealth and CNY bring energy to house
3) BBC Coin 2013 --- Personal Bazi balance and protection
4) Bai wu Jin Ji  2016 --- Reduce the effect of people's and environmental negativity and have good act and being good feel good. Negativity fast come and fast go.

Remember nothing in the world can block negativity totally but we can produce a cushion to reduce the impact.

All the items are forever.

Than in 2012 year of Dragon, few items make fame to magazine which are

1) Laugh Buddha Jade and Tian lu tie with crystal which i do 8 a year now
2) Mystic knot Liu Li and Elephant ruyi $68


Personal Luck and challenges:

Case Study:
2 years ago a guy who spend alot of effort and money on a FSM to improve luck but become dependent... like do what also must ask.
At first was ok but after that become dependent and  luck seems to fluctuate. That time I suggest him to stop that and get a simple black tourmaline bracelet and do affirmation and chanting. Things get better this year .... And he receive new job but new stress come. So I tell him, stress is good because is a test for u to rise, rather than no business no stress.

I always says: human life is 7 out of 10 obstacles issues to settle. Happiness very little 3 out of 10. But again if we become negative, we will find life meaningless. But when I tell u 3 out of 10 happiness if u acknowledge it and expand to help and motivate 10 people, the 10 people 3 out of 10 happiness will give u complete happiness.
Human being cant survive by being ego or selfish. A person who contribute to society be it thru words or donations works.

Luck fluctuate. U can have many good luck stars this year , than is time to work on good things. So when I predict which star no good, u can do good by buying some chocolates or supplements or gifts to star not so good . Than u 结善缘 and luck will come to u.

Many people nowsaday trapped in their own worries and problems and forget the world is more than tat.

Above man . first item he used to get is 6d hulu and 5 d coin. I always tell many u dont have alot expensive items for me. Look at ur budget first put 6d hulu yearly behind ur main door than get a BBC or some coin carry and do chanting daily etc , luck will come. And when luck arrive some may be overwhelm with alot of works and some start to complaint stress or handling difficult people... well have people to handle better than nothing means UNiverse giving u the opportunity. One day if u nothing to do or people to handle means  ren mai gone. So rejoice.


What many of u lack of is Courage nowsaday

There is a beyond everywhere. We are surrounded by aura of beyond . The beyond is what Opportunity and God is. We make many sort of imprisonments for ourselves:

relationship, belief, sometimes religion (if u dont interprete correctly ). Never remain confined to the boundaries. Breakthrough and release ur energy of passion and life. Dont be trapped.

The more successful a person or more alive a person is... the more problems there are.. But with wisdom we view problems as per normal. There is nothing wrong with obstacles and problems , because u are not there yet, so struggling with problems , fighting with the challenge , is how u grow.

Only timing is ripe a coin will be born.  The cost of this coin is $28 and i make it so affordable by many. I remember this coin can be markup to $88 by FSM. But i wanna make it affordable to all and make it a Shan yuan

Affirmation with baiwujinji coin 百无禁忌 coin

I am always perfectly protected
I create my future now
I am at the center of peace



Talking about aura. Do u know ur aura affect ur luck and family and house. Your aura is the field around u and how people sees u feel u. Is ur aura. An ur aura is all about what is inside ur body mind and emotion.
Thats why i always say, do take care of ur health and do butterfly dance with healing oil and come to my workshop la. My workshops reason for past 19 years ask people to do butterfly dance together is to gather few hundred people energy one time Gao gao improve luck.

Many years ago. My master who specialised in aura (where i learn from him). But looking at someone he roughly know what issues.

So a family went to visit him . A husband and wife and a child. Than at one look my master says"

Ur child has respiratory issues. Well true enough. The reason is the wife always very hot tempered and the husband too. They always quarrel and create a fire auric fiels at home. So the child's lungs keep breathing the poison fire aura from the house which results in child asmath problems and skin issues.

Sometimes children keep having sickness can be due the aura a family created.

A old saying家和万事兴, 和气生财。  The Word He is harmony. Harmony is the key to thousand blessing.
Anger in family
Do u know a married couple if in harmony can produce alot of goodness and luck.  Woman is like water and man is like fire. But when woman become super boiling water (fire) and man become super hot fire" bad tempered" . Both will result in disharmony.

A man should be like warm fire and warm up a woman water becoming warm soothing water. Than when in harmony a house and people who stay in the house will be in harmony.

Again not many family can have this harmony. But u need to achieve that. How to achieve harmony. Well begings with the art of talking.


Human aura is very obvious to me. Once a friend make tea for me, and with his good aura , the tea taste good. When a person aura is ANGER even trapped inside be smiley, the tea made will taste diff.

Anger is scary 怒火

Alot of people now dont success easily at business or work. Because of internal fire... burning the wood element which represent growth..

Check urself whether u have this anger......... Face it and use it with tranqulity spray above ur head.

facebook luck :家丑不能外扬。 some people like to share family issues and things in detail in facebook... Gosh,,, well people will ready and some people will laugh become a laughing stock. and this affect a aura.自找欺辱 facebook is ur mouth nowadays. So say more good things and attract good luck. Feeling down... use aroma oil and tranquility spray, read good books

Related image

There are two types of anger energy

1) One is trapped anger, they can smile alot or friendly but alot anger trapped inside and aura have a dark smoke rise up from head. Ahahah that what i can see on street. Alot people i see in MRT , alot aura have alot of dark smoke. U know why?怒火 in heart so keep burning and smoke keep producing daily.
It cannot escape my eyes some looks smily yet is a bad tempered person ahahah

2) One is fire anger character. Their posison fire very strong but once anger gone , they ok.

But both also no good. As this anger affect aura and luck and rob wealth, health and family, career luck.

Smile more. And be nice.人为什么发怒? 就是因为人不能九地而下, Because a person ego and always wanna win end up we get anrgy easily. But u see only water flow downwards can become an ocean. A person always ego and high up... go heaven fast ahahah.


Be humble but with wisdom. Not asking u be stupid and let people bully.
Cleaning of toilet with 5 element oil rose geranium and spray ur house corners with proection spray is to clean the house aura. And why i ask u all to burn the medicine coil incense (from omhealth) is to cleans the aura.
Cypress oil for cleaning debris of negativity

So to have better luck u learn to be humble and change ur bad tempered and talk too much character (口舌之快),恶言不说,尖酸刻薄语不出,


Omhealth Tranquility Healing Spray above aura is to calm a character and let u be more calm. and speak nice.


Items to tie into this article

1) Protection spray and Tranquility Spray
2) 5 element oil and rose geranium wash toilet clean house
3) Bai wu Jin Ji coin to balance.

Time to blending healing oil at $45 , email name and address and mobile to Courier fee is $5.

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