Sunday, December 4, 2016

Bai Wu Jin ji Coin百无禁忌coin


When I look at this 4 words. It means alot to me. ALot of time a human being is affected by people sayings, environmental energy, Pan Dan, issues.

So the 4 words Bai Wu Jin Ji means hundred of negativity we may  face daily, will not let it  affect us too much and a design of the fan is to blow this worries away. Holding this coin u can feel the immediate calmness. And using of a drop peppermint oil with two drop Ding oil in tissue inhale can help further.

To welcome 2017

we must learn to forgive and be free. 人只能活一次不要活得太累。

Sometimes u may feel the need to please other and be approved by others?

Worries/negativity from your actions in past life times can leave an imprint in your system that give u an underlying present worries and present guilt, sadness for no reason.

And sometimes u work so hard to compensate people around u , making u very drained. End up with lacking of self love, putting yourself second all the time and sacrificing your need for others.
U feel tired....

This may end up feeling tired at all times. Working with Bai Wu Jin Jin coin allow ur aura energy to forgive yourself, release redundant issues and let go of your fear and also fear of judgement instead focus on acting with respect and kindness to everyone including yourself.

How to release the negativity with bai Wu Jin Ji coin:

Say out loud: For my highest good of all, i release all internal and external negativity or past issues and dissolve all tiredness and become wisdom. I dissolve all that is unnecessary in my aura and that no longer serve me right now. I am clear and clean and happy

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