Sunday, December 4, 2016

Animal A Day: Rat

An animal a day:

U see what good luck star appear, make full use because not everytime have. And if know now, quickly plan what to put at ur house at least activate one to 2 luck star la:>

With two auspicious stars named 天禧 and 太阴 星, the Rat will find the Rooster year a blessed one. This is a highly rewarding year. Career and money prospects are in your favor. Salaried workers may find themselves being highly thought of by their bosses. If you are thinking of changing jobs or striking out on your own, this is the time to do it。
Using Bai Wu Jin Ji Coin and facing North to do breathing exercise is good
Red apple juice to improve luck when feeling down.
Morning use Ding oil helps to improve daily luck
Ur acupressure to improve luck is He Gu Xue with Purple Balm.
Power facial oil for ren yuan is Neroli facial Oil
If u can look for some good luck item activate the good luck sector of house is best.

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