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Heaven Pardon Day 2018 (Bryan at Temple lor 29)

Heaven Pardon Day was introduced to all omhealth in 2010. And is a good day to go temple and ask for forgiveness and give thanks to Ti Gong and also with compassion heart , it can clear alot of health or related life problems

Heaven Pardon Day as the name suggest is a day to ask for renewal of body energy and be a better person. Also ask for forgiveness so to reduce our problems in life. Is a day people pray to


Pray with sincere heart and also regret on wrong doing , example, keep complaining in life etc....
Is a day that u can do charity for medicine donation and chant more mantra dedicate to all beings.

2018 is a year we need to spray alot of Mist before go out of house. Example Tranquility Mist. As is super fire and will create obstacles.
Yourself office can spray Glamour mist on face not only good for skin but good aura.

Remember cannot be selfish must learn to pray from heart for all:>

2018 Heaven Pardon Day:

15th Feb 2018  (Monkey cannot)
16th April 2018 (monkey cannot)
1st July 2018 (rat cannot)
13th Sep 2018 ( tiger cannot)
28th Nov 2018 (horse cannot)

Cannot means that day Cong ur animal, if u want to go choose the date no cong to. But for me personally I dont care de, and will wear red to go , go le home eat Tang Yuan can break the Cong feeling.

Before go temple:
Perform a heng shower, U can either use heng heng scrub or 5 element oil 5 drops in pail water rinse body.

For students:
To temple and heng heng: Carry Bai Wu Jin Ji Coin and Fu Zai Yan Qian coin and also a cotton with cypress oil and auragold 20 oil

For others: Use any essential oil 5 drops in cotton put in pocket.

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U can bring some Joss Paper to pray at lor 29 Geylang Shun Tian Gong.顺天宫
I will be there at 10am, if u are there we halo:> Hope to see some old student 15th Feb 2018 than I will walk to donate medicine. Those who want can come and say halo to me s:>

U can bring 5 Oranges put there pray. And than after pray can take orange back home eat.
Hi all 2018 MUST HAVE Items

1) Protection Spray : Spray House as and when
2) Tranquility Spray: Put near door cupboard, before go out a mist above head feel good
3) Positive flow affirmation oil and Equilibrium oil blend balance 2018 energy

Old Articles since 2010 on heaven Pardon day

Article A
Procedure to transform Luck1)You can face the Sky, close your eyes and make a little wish. First of all, make a confession of the not so good things you have done. Make an effort and tell yourself you won't repeat the same thing again. It could be very simple things such as losing temper to parents, friends or people around, badmouth/gossip about others etc. Thereafter, you made a wish and say thank you God(or any of your religion).

2) Bath with heng heng scrub before temple, in pocket put cypress oil and auragold 20 in tissue put pocket or handbag.

Article B
Pray to TiGong sincerely and work hard and also do positive affirmations too is very important. When u reduce ur compaints and niamness.... heaven know u are ready and give u what u need. Some people always want promotion at work... but when Ti Gong give them, instead gratitude they complaint a lot stress etc. For me having to do Taiwan show and local show , give so many talks and reply email etc can be stressful. but whenever I complaint I quickly confess and say Thank You TiGong and ask for forgiveness.

Apply Affirmation Positive oil and Sometimes Equilibirum oil it is a great success for me.

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