Saturday, November 5, 2016

South West of HOUSE

Liu Lu Hulu is ready for order le:> is $48 and 5D coin too. omhealth tie exclusive only:>


Well many has asked me

what is the location of the house to watch out for

1) Romance, relationship and family Luck and woman of the family to feel happy?

Well, if u wife or mom always unhappy even though nothing goes wrong.

First bring them see one time TCM. Make them dried longan walnuts and red dates , white lily tea 2 times a week. Enhance family and female luck

Now go to SouthWest of your house, check is it dirty or anything spoilt or just a corner of house with nothing on it:>

Or u have a missing SW in your house?

A happy female in family makes everyone happy. A unhappy female in family wa lao... u will know.


To activate SW of your house?

1)Get a present for any female in ur family (ur wife and mom)
2) SW put a 3M hook and hang a red,purple or yellow heng ball or a clear or the mystic knot.

U can put a mystic knot liuli forever at SW of your house :> Simple and easy.

Have SW well light up and bright colors. SW of house put heng ball also help single female in the house to find a partner:>

Item A: $68

Item B : Heng Ball $68

Purple, Yellow, red

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