Wednesday, November 30, 2016

omhealth News

Welcome 2017 workshop will be

NTUC Auditorium

8th Jan 2017


Upcoming event:

1) Temple visit 2017
2) Botanic Garden visit 2017
3) Feb Niam Gao Good Luck talk must come.

Omhealth Wishfulfil coil incense arrival:>

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Fruits for luck till 5th December

1) Green apple + Grapes + Apple Juice

This clear negativity debris and u will feel refresh and good.

2) Clean ur fridge and wipe inside with lemon and eucalyptus oil bring in wealth energy for the family.Especially those cant find job, ask them wipe. And carry Gui ren bag

Every year this will be a talk to motivate and share with all on how to have a better year and make things easy for all yet we dont lost the tradition values.


Omhealth past few years has coincidentally predicted quite a number of things.

We say this year all wear yellow... Guess what, pokemon what color...
We kept going Suntec this year.... Guess what, 2017 countdown is suntec
We kept saying Poka dot.... Guess what major design this year are poka dot in buildings and arts and performance


What to look out for and what to do for 2017 to have

1) Better career
2) health
3) Wealth luck
by using positive ways . Stay tune for the talk.

Do come happily for the talk as we will ask blessings from temples to the NTUC auditorium that day.

But is normal sometimes before going to talk, u may feel abit angry ma or slight misunderstanding with family before attending... just use some oil will do.


And also we have a lucky draw for the talk that day:> Enjoy

Register fast Welcome 2017 8th Jan . by email to
I have send good luck newsletter to those attended 2015 and 2016 workshop. I will continue to send this few days.

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