Friday, November 18, 2016

定oil Power treatment Yin and Yang bath

Year end le: Many energy is stress and stagnant. But if u allow urself to perform powerbath. U will feel good immediate.

Just calculated the energy.. I hope u all can at least do a powerbath

even new readers dont have my oil just use the salt ok. It works and can help many people.

Those always sick do it ba. Key thing is after cleanse go drink something warm and go see something lucky. Like a picture of Auspicious items:>
Energy begins today. So if u block want to do clearing bath do it this two week, do few times a week or once can le. See how u feel each time.

I always emphasis year end, ur energy need to be clear so u have a better 2017. But year end is the most stressful time and alot of negativity starts to purge out. So learning some simple method will help u

1) Have better body system
2) Release the anger inside
3) release Negative blocl
4) Luck will feel better
5) U can feeel the effect immediate.

Powerbath was introduced in the health blog more than 10 years , it was using bryan relax blend to remove dampness in Body. But today i add on the method taught by a master with a twist so it become simpler and u can feel effect fast.

Preventing negative energy to accumulate in your energy field and then penetrate into the physical body.

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Yin and Yang Power Bath: It was imparted by a teacher and i can tell u the feeling of calm and health is immediate feeling


For people who have been feeling very

  • Lethargy
  • Reduction in promptness
  • cant think properly
  • Excessive thoughts especially when they are negative in nature
  • Anger or any other extreme emotion
  • Stress for no reason
  • Any form of physical illness

U need a small pail:


2 tablespoon of salt
5 drops 5 element oil
5 drops Ding Oil

A new good morning towel.

One litre of Boiling water and One litre of normal temperature water (ratio 1:1)
And set intention that u want bright energy to ur body and all negativity will be dissolves.
Put in the towel, and damp towel, dab body from neck to chest to body and keep doing it.

This method is amazing


First 30 seconds:  u will feel the heaviness began to reduce
send 30 seconds: U u move the towel to ur feet and can feel the negativity release
2nd minute: u move the towel to stomach and chest u can feel the heaviness gone

After that scrub body with Magneto scrub.

When u step out of the shower room, go see first thing of good luck. Dont talk. And than spray Tranquility spray above ur head.

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What other oil u can use for clearing in bath?

Some oils to use for clearing:
  • Ten spice oil : Clear office negative energy
  • Purification Inspiration blend : General clear alot of sadness and dark energy
  • Cypress: Clear negative energy
  • Frankincense : Feel of safe and release fear
  • Lemon: Immune sysrem
  • Rosemary: Clear headstress and over thinking
  • Bergamot: Happiness:
  • Awakening: Keep spiral and cant wake up ur idea
  • Five element oil: General cleasning powerful
  • Clary sage: Female system very good
  • Bryan relax blend

Aura cleansing Tea

U can choose my omhealth dry ginger or ur own ok:>

Omhealth dry ginger a slice in a mug of boiling water steep till warm than add acacia honey. Drink day time. This increase YANG ENERGY which u need.

I think after the article a very nice cloud appear infront of my window.
I still remember when auspicious things happen the cloud appear very clear image , still remember my two kwan yin cloud. So remember to do good and dont keep things inside ur mind till stress , learn to appreciate life and let go and help people.

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