Monday, November 21, 2016

Healing Energy of Bai Wu Jin Ji Coin

We 2017 will have 500 coin produced as for collection:> Each is $28

Many people get agitated very easily or when visit somewhere that is more YIn , get affected easily.

This is a very good coin to carry with u and specially design and activated by omhealth.

So we always need to remind ourselves to be strong in aura and energy.

Try to carry 百无禁忌 coin and is a great gift for babies, elderly or urself.

When a person is sensitive you may feel everyone else’s energy or environmental energy. 
Your body is like a instrument that others people thought emotions. You also absorb other people’s thoughts and feelings. 

This is why after you have a conversation with some people, you may end up feeling drined or upset, this may be  because you’re worried and care for people.

Is good to care for people and situation but is important to shield ur body

We develop this coin is to remind ourselves not to be affected by negativity and the 8 immortal tools is like a shield

Protect Umbrella
Shield means protection against harsh, negative, or lower energies.
Create a shield by thinking positive or carrying this coin encourage that your energy to be clean and good and if you are  at harsh situation or environment or negativity, this will affect you. 
Similarly, if you live with someone who tends to be negative, you will absorb his or her energy unless you have shields up.

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