Thursday, November 10, 2016

百无禁忌coin 2017

This is a wonderful coin creation by omhealth.

Below testimonials may be coincidental but it just feel so good to always receive positive message when i launch new coin:>

A creation so that with the equipment of 8 immortals and our mindful heart we can handle things in life with peace. Is a very important coin for all because it helps to reduce the disturbance of stars .

I think many times when we may that day have very good energy and happy. Suddenly a person in office or outside can spoilt ur mood. And indirectly afffect a person luck

Also this is a very coin to use to deflect people negative comments etc and let u sail thru ur life with ease.

Life is already not easy to handle , if we take in people's negativity , that will be so waste time.

This is a wonderful coin to carry in pocket or wallet. And when weird comments or unhappiness occurs hold the coin and say auspicious words.

I have updated on event atONEKM

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