Saturday, October 1, 2016

Special Month 9th Chinese Lunar Month

5 element exercise class falls on 8th October and is a special day: Dont miss this 10th years anniversary class; Register now $55. 930am CSC club.
Details will inform u.

Right after the class i am flying to Cambodia to do the charity work. And i wish all of u happy ok:>

Super good luck color is YELLOW this chinese lunar 9th month. Err my bedsheet yellow ahaha

I have launched the 3 wood because this 3 wood has max collection energy for positive energy happiness and prevent the chances of negative energy getting near. For those who want can put car so doesnt look fengshui. Is not a fengshui item to me, is a quantum energy of healing item.

It can be put in office, pockets, bags or travel.

Email with mobile address to courier courier fees $5


The whole of Chinese 9th month from today . Is consider a very very auspicious month for improving overall luck of personal, house and family. Those who do it or set a positive intention strong one this month can see good results. Is a seasonal day of one of the Chinese calender, nothing religious is the weather star sign planetary day.

Normally I will travel this month near my birthday remember------- after anniversary talk.

Wash Toilet 8th October :

But this year the day before my birthday i decided to conduct the 8th October 5 element exercise class . Because is a special day before my birthday 九月初九 and the day before is 除日so we can exercise together to remove all negativity. And welcome 重阳节with a 满日。
Oh u all can wash toilet on 8th October anytime ok... see the label beside.
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And on the special birthday this year I will light a lamp for all omhealth clients and hengball clients. I hope on my birthday day the triple blessings energy goes to everyone.

My birthday day is nothing le, so many years le , i also low profile u all know. But this year to me is special and i want to work with this energy and send alot of good happiness energy to all my clients with my crystals. Imagine everyone on 9th OCtober one of the few timing do the following.

What to Do 9th October 2017(重阳节)

This is a day where good luck come to u if u do something simple.

A) Eat 9 layers Guek (u can share with family if u eat little) or Eat Rainbow cake. Dont buy the lazy 3 color one.
B)The day before can buy some YELLOW chrysanthemum decorate living room and hang omhealth FLOWER COIN if u have This is very powerful. U see omhealth flower coin launched many years u all can use forever.

POEM TO SAY THIS day or copy with ur GOLD PEN note book. Those dont have gold ink pen can go taka stationary shop buy this month . (Those who say dont know read chinese, sorry cant translate for u this is a chinese day, even minister learn mandarin, so ask ur freind read together with u, do something for urself. SO my indians and other races friends also learn.. learn ba.)
Image result for juhua Poem:
1) 九九重阳节,愿你好运重重,脸上的笑容如阳光般灿烂,每天都像过节般快乐。重阳节到了,愿你快乐幸福永久,健康好运一生。

2) 九九重阳齐欢笑,真诚祝福少不了,全家欢聚真热闹,我在这里问声好,愿你事事都如意,一家老少乐淘淘!
3) 九九重阳悄然至,片片菊花扑鼻香;登高远眺心情好,忧烦无影乐陶陶;茱萸在手好运来,晦气远走不复还;吃口甜糕长精神,健康平安福寿长;送份祝福表心意,情谊深厚悦你心;祝君重阳步步高,幸福如意到永久!
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9th October is is a day of going to nature walk walk like botanical garden.
Make chrysanthemum tea with few Goji seeds for family drink 。

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Whole of Month 9th CHinese
1) Observe and reflect yourself (if u wan better luck 2017 , u must start reflection using the pen and note book method (write down how u feel, which part body pain and how u want to go about it and what to let go and who to forgive)

2) Do charity yourself

3) Start breathing exercise 3 mins a day this month

4) Use Magneto Scrub for body

5) Light Pagoda Wishfulfilling Coil incense for 9 days any day this month, a coil a day)

6) For health issue this month go garden one time walk walk wearing ur bracelet on right wrist (black tourmaline)

7) Adopt a heng ball this month or birthday heng ball is good (u can adopt the birthday ball even ur birthday is other month)

8) Do prayers or ur personal religious activity

9) Drink omhealth Gold tea or u have ur own tea right drink morning daily for a week.

10) Buy parents a gift. For those whose parents no long around, do a donation anonymous for them in any charity body. When donate, look at sky says, this donation merits dedicate to them.

11) Attend an exercise classs (reason is_____ i tell u later)

12) Drink berries, grapes, pineapple or passion fruit related things, simplest is the ribena pineapple passion fruit drink (drink abit can le no need daily drink, wait u fat).

13) Health no good one, see any TCM one time to 2 time this month, ur health will see good effect.

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