Friday, October 21, 2016

Preparation of Website Welcome 2017

Hi all

DO order ur 5D and 6D hulu at least one each. omhealth family can tie not many this year.

6D hulu can put main door after house cleansing. Dates will be given soon in website $48
5D coin needed for Tai Sui affected family members. $38

currently I am preparing welcome 2017 website

do not neglect the welcome 2016 website as it has alot good information and we still have few months ahead.

House cleansing Items are

KM Yan Set A: $126
Protection Spray KM Yan + 5 element oil+ Sandalwood Omhealth spa powder

KM Yan Set B : $76
5 element oil+ Sandalwood powder and KM Yan

FULL Items for house: My method:
  1. Omhealth Spa grade sandalwood powder $38
  2. 5 element oil  $38
  3. Protection Spray+ Tranquility Spray $90 a set
  4. Purification Inspiration Oil $45
  5. Magneto Scrub $55

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