Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Workshop dates 2017

Health and Beauty with Bryan Lao Shi PART ONE

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Date : 2nd April 2017
fees: $38
Venue: National Library
Time: 930am to 12pm
Free gift for early registration now

Topics will be aromatherapy, tea, herbs, techniques and music therapy too.

This workshop can be attended by new and old students as we have new things and also more reminder what to do:>

For all newbies u will love this class and for old friends u will too. ; 

Niam Ni Gao Gao Good Luck talk (Super Bai Bai content) 

19th Feb 2017 ( Besides sharing will include a topic 6636 calculation)

6636 calculation is using finger to calculate issues whether positive or more work need to be done.

this 19th Feb class left 50 seats:> Have u registered?

This workshop is a gathering for students who have attended my Bai bai class and also Welcome talk:> Do register fast

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Date: 19th Feb 2017
Fees: $50
Venue: National Library
Small class of 80

All will receive a special blessed gift

Time: 930am to 12pm

Our yearly niam good luck talk
1) Joss paper DIY formation new version
2) How to handle difficult emotion with sweeping
3) Art therapy of Symbols (10 years anniversary by bryan)
4) How to work with TZI beads for good health
5) How to find out what numerology number u lack of and in details how to increase chance of success
6) Guided Music therapy breathing exercise for
1) Abundance
2) Health
3) NOW
7) Meditation 5 mins a day with bryan
8) Ah ma method clearing negativity

1) Welcome 2017 Year of Rooster

A yearly event at NTUC auditorium
Fees: $45
Time : 9:30am seated
Heng door gift included

400 seats taken , left 200 seats; Do register fast old friends:>

1) Welcome the year with Pray method, techniques and foodcure
(religion content)
2) Blessings with 600 people affirmations together
3) Flying star make simple
4) Where to visit in 2017 for power energy
5) 4 season birth what to do
6) How to cleanse house
7) Pray Tai Sui date and with special set of the year
8) How to work with ur bracelet to improve luck
9) How to live happily from within
10) How to strengthen ur aura


NB: Omhealth has completed two project this month

1) Cambodia education project
2) Nepal after earthquake care for the children project

Thank you all for the participation and may u be well and happy.

Also for omhealth each anniversary , from our product we also deduct some to the medicine eheheh i didnt mention last time, is when time ripe than tell u all:>


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