Thursday, September 8, 2016

Wellness health beauty Talk

Often we neglect our health until issues arise.

2016 is a year where sickness star falls in center yet many wont have heart to listen to any health talks and too focus on luck.

But this is not right. Yearly health and beauty talk left 10 seats, i dont want to waster the seats so open for registeration now as 10 person cant make it.

This yearly health beauty talk is a sincere talk from experience and invlude foodcures, herbals, acupressure for wellness.

Do make an effort to attend for wellness and yourself and family;

Fees $45
Door gifts the $18 auric roller and also  one set footpatch and sample size of the vitamin and eye care to thank all.

CSC , actually address will email to u once confirm.
Hope u can make an effort.

25 sep my yearly workshop is something u shouldn't miss it ! Load with recipes that I have demo internationally

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