Monday, September 26, 2016

Thank You All

This video will bring heng to all who see it:>

It was a wonderful Sunday just like past 19 years.
1997 founded omhealth but exact workshop in public begins with 2001. From 15 people to few hundreds workshop. And I am very grateful.

This 29th Sep 2016 I will be at CompassOne at 1145am live radio with Violet FM972. Do pop by. I have a special marble that heng heng u (religious free) give to u if u see me and say Da Ji Da Li.

They say blog is outdated but for me, I will continue to work on this blog which is filled with so many informations:>

Thanks too all once a gain who came to this wonderful once a year gathering and hope u really enjoy:>

The ribena and chicken essence yummy right and the rock bun.

All students I will email u the slide friday because will rest first and numerology number:>

Recent years I have given less workshop but hope to deliver one health class, one exercise class yearly.

Alot of old friends appear in the class. But the topics given delivered are 95% new topics.

I am a person who think too details to the fine details in everyworkshop . Normally after one talk I will be exhuasted aahah. But i ensure myself to recover fast by doing moxibustion and breathing exercise using aroma oil.

Yesterday was so coincidental. The moment I want to perform the Butterfly breathing exercise with everyone using a CD (1996 given by a friend same old CD). A friend who used to help me in workshop back in 2001 appeared. And everything seems to synchronise nicely.

I always believe if u have intention for highest good of all, what u do will always turn out positive so be determined and persistent in health care and acupressure.

Butterfly dance was inspired more than 18 years ago but observing the movement of butterfly and meridians flow and acupressure, it activate the Lao Gong Xue and Yong Quan Xue in the body and raise once person healing energy. Normally after butterfly dance with healing oil, one will feel relax and good.

Those who ask me to blend ur healing oil blend once a year, this is how u can use the healing oil. But for u, u can massage more to chest and stomach first before exercise. For others u can use one of my essential oil blend and apply wrist and inhale.

Below is a soup for prevention of cancer related issues and boost immune system.

Specially consist of many herbs and very heng one:>
SHampoo use daily and conditioner can use up to 3 times a week.

Shampoo and Conditioner Promotion is $70 a set
(many wonderful feedbacks within one use)

The purple Balm is also powerful arrival at $25
(scroll down last items)

Bear Stomach exercise for digestive problems 

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