Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Movement Year 2016

This year if u want to be successful, u need to have alot of movements

If u notice; omhealth this year do alot of outdoor show even I am so busy. And many times the outdoor show are free.

Star sign of Movement is strong in 2016 to 2017. If your luck has been very block or u want to have better luck.
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Wear more yellow color clothing and go once awhile

1)   Garden (at least one time next 3 months)
2)East side shopping mall buy grocery abit (one time)
3)   Holland Village eat something or buy something home helps to bring wealth energy to house (choose good day go eat one time)

And tomorrow 12pm 29th Sep  if you come compass one support my radio show; Wear Yellow and carry a 5 D coin or flower coin or put 5 $1 dollar coin in pocket is super good. (either one)

Anyway tomorrow I will be doing a radio outdoor show compassONE. If u are coming email to, I will take note and have a lucky draw for u all. Email may not reply but will note.

8th October 2016 is the day before my birthday, And I chosen that day to give 5 element exercise class because that day is 除日(so to remove negativity ) than next day is 满日(to manifest good health)

this class all will receive a $48 healing wood ball and also a Singapore famous Taji movement music teacher will be invited for this event.

Attire must be in exercise attire or berms or comfy


Best Tea to drink morning next 3 months is omhealth HIgh Mountain Gold tea. Really high natural energy and good.

Also the shampoo and conditioner set is design with many herbs for good hair and luck.

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