Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mindfulness and You and Confusion

Staying positive is not easy at the time of ur life when u re facing alot of issues. But if u can plant 5 mins a day on positivity.... Slowly ur body will create good energy and reserved. Time will tell. And I always believe if u plant the seeds of happiness, flowers of happiness will bloom and this take time. If NOW u keep worrying and overwhelmed with worries and negativity and dont plant this little seed, how are u going to recover.
For 19 years omhealth have been sharing positive techniques and i always start with breathing. Some students shared for 5 years suddenly go join other group and listen those techniques and get complicated and come back again.

Tell u the truth, be very careful what u learn outside. Omhealth dont have groups, but I always say, if u want to find a group, go for those proper one. And not those create so much procedure and alot of things to do, do until u blur.

Remember plant seed on good foundation and use good seeds. An unsown seed will never bear fruit (some people learn so many mantra but intention is wrong end up same same), but a seed that is sown correctly will certainly do so. (some old aunties uncles, do not know mantra but leave a life of positivity and help people even they are handicapped or poor have true happiness)

bad luck and good luck is the state of mind. When u face something negativity. Breath in and think of something lucky (heng ball, a temple, a statue, a crystal) breath out and smile. All will be fine. If someone in office scold u , than breath in think that person is actually suffering from anger and breath out , u breath out compassion and send love.

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If u have a chronic sickness, plant a 5 mins seeds a day by doing affirmation, using crystal breathing exercise or just be with urself. Everyday sow some seeds for health happiness and compassion, body speech and mind. Start doing it.

I niam to myself daily on positivity and do tapping or breathing exercise i teach u all. So are u all lazy not doing it? Listen to your heart, liver, kidney, lungs and breath in energy to each organs.

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QNs: I have many worries, so i spend alot time chant mantra but why my mind is still stress up and cant focus.

Omhealth answer: Before you chant mantra, u should do some deep breathing exercise and ask yourself, what is the intention of chanting mantra?
U chant mantra because u look at the properties like can bring wealth, protection and alot good things... or you chant mantra is the calm the mind and cultivate loving kindness and compassion.

Many times when we are not clear of our intention and do things blindly will result in back fire. I have seen many groups outside, focus on chanting certain mantras for many properties and confuses people.  To tell you the truth, even without chanting mantra, by watching ur breath 5 mins a day and put on a smile is as good as chanting 10000000 mantra with mind thinking wild.

My suggestion: If lately you are very troubled in ur mind. Just go buy a stalk of rose. Than put infront of u.


1) With eyes close, breath in slowly and mentally say " I am breathing in now" and than breath out slowly and mentally say " I am aware that I am breathing out now"
(perfrom few times)
2) Now open ur eyes look at the rose with mind calm. And relax left and right shoulders. Smile and normal breathing, and think breathing in and say mentally , "i am a flower" and breathing mentally say " I breath out flowers and offer to the world.  Breathing in and out with the mental words 7 times slowly.

Than return to normal breathing. U can go work or chant ur mantra.

Alot of people , is not in the NOW, their mind is in the past and thinking of future. Forgetting now is the actually the only time u can create happy future and now if u dont treasure , it become the regretted past.

So NOW start doing this awareness breathing exercise.

Wear ur black tourmaline on right wrist when u try this breathing exercise. Oil to use is holy sacred frankincense.

NB: Too many weird weird group in the market. Life is suffering already, buddhism dont add on to ur suffering and confuse u. Someetimes is the human created so many do and donts and procedure that confuses people. At anytime, go to the temple just look at the Buddha or Guan Yin Statue, u will know is simplicity and all they wan u is to awaken from within and share love and compassion.

Heng ball AURA Breathing Exercise (OIl to use lavender plus peppermin inhale one time):

Choose the color heng ball u like (or ur birthday heng ball if u have):

Seated on a comfortable chair. Relax ur shoulders and chest. Than breathing in slowly and mentally says " I am a heng ball", breathing out from nose/mouth slowly " mentally says" I exhale light to my aura and spread love to all ":

 With ur eyes looking at the heng ball.

This is what i do 3 mins a day to strengthen my AURIC fields. U can choose any positive object too. This is color breathing exercise I show in TV and is non religious and is call Light Color therapy to strengthen body and bring ur mind back to NOW and also strengthen ur awareness of knowing u are alive and grateful for what u have now.

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