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Bank Account Article

New comers: Bank Account articles is a series of article for motivation by me, see label beside.

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To all my positive affirmations student, wish u all happy. If u remember we did the blowing cloud methods start doing it.


Sometimes if you look at Chinese calender for yearly prediction, it can be a good reminder how we can work on positive means to achieve better smoother luck and reduce the effect of the negative stars. Omhealth always make use of the 6d hulu we have yearly.

For those of my students who refer to my yearly website
http://omhealth.com/HengProtect2016.htm . When u see the particular flying star number is at the center of the yearly chart. It means the star has greatest effect to us. Affecting the royal , people with power and lso us.
So this 2016 the sickness star is 2, means health is a challenge. As u can see who in the world even in US half way thru the campaign can get sick. And even giddiness for some. Overwork and never rest is very dangerous this year. So remind urself to go TCM once a month, get some rest and do footreflex. Using BRB for power bath is so important it clears the tension from ur meridians.

I really suggest all of them go for foot reflex and enough rest and using of my Bryan relax oil for power bath.

Any way do take note of your health this year.  Below video touch on using of protection spray, tranquility spray, and usages of crystals.

Now every year we make new 6D coin with hulu . And each year we make at right time 1000 pieces. As every year many will change at the main door. So remember to do so end of the year.


Topic today is about Illnesses

Sometimes illness can be disturbing and all you need is to re adjust ur life and have patience. Illnesses attack a body when we are tired or lack of protection.

So u need to make an effort to handle sickness or tiredness. A right procedure

Have a pen and notepad: Fill up the following template

1) Name:
2) Description of current illness or why u re tired:
3) What are u angry with:
4) What are u unhappy about:
5) U decided to see a TCM (dr xu best , ask u suitable to take any herbs supplement for a month, i suggest Zhang zi or tian qi powder (take 3 times a week) or Lingzhi (she very nice , u can ask) one time _____(date)
6) Start a new health supplements if u know what to take and complete the bottle
7) Eat a kiwi daily for 10 days
8) Drink Gold tea morning and ginger combine to rejuvenate health (this build up Yang energy)
9) DO breathing exercise once a day for 9 days
10) If can take some detox tea or powder one time before sleep (complication heath condition ask doctor) (1 time a week)
11) Get ur parents or elderly a present.
12) Hold any crystals and rest 3 mins a day with a piece of favourite music.

Above are simple transformation u can do and see results in 7 days. If u re super jia lat this year.

_____________ LET GO and MOVE ON----------------------------
Image result for let go
Are you blocked, feeling stuck, or unsure of your future?

Well this can be for man when u are in ur 40s etc. your past can act as an anchor that stop u moving to new venture . My best friend Yong Mei with courage give up her 20 years of radio famous dj to be a House agent. Is indeed a year of change and courage. Sometimes u think. U are already in ur 40s or 50s, at most we have 40 more years to leave, why are we making ourselves so difficult to ourselves and others. Sometimes is " Cannot see Open" or let go or release. If u can think life is very precious and vulberable. Than u wont waste ur time to be sad, depressed or lost hope. Even if people let u down. but u lead a good heart life, u will sure have merits in ur bank account.
So i suggest u to release any attachments you have to old disputes, regrets, or sadness over past events or people.

Say Om Mani pad Me Hung 10 times with me now. And dedicate to all beings.

When you hold on to any old emotions you activate sadness , the pain and you suffer over and over again. Forgive yourself, forgive others (super difficult if is ur love one who betray, but if u dont, u still suffer what for) and be librated from the toxic energy of past hurst. Set yourself free.

Spray Tranquility spray above ur head and say release let go and peace. When u spray feel all the past wash away from ur body like dirt go to the drain.

Use more magneto scrub etc.

This is the time if u have healing oil start to use and apply ur chest and aura and stomach.

Healing oil blending is september (once a year only)

When u are learning to move on: Juice to drink is Beetroor and green apple juice

25th Sep omhealth will launch chemical free shampoo and conditioner

Is blended with herbs to represent good energy and also healing. Is call

顶好运洗发水 and conditioner
(is a blended with herbs crystal energy for good luck and happiness)
chemical free shampoo


Below was yesterday LIVE video in facebook. And amazing in video we talk about today is Man RI and auspicious for September 2016. Rainbow appear few places. So calculation is good.

remember this month use ur Pomelo oil as final rinse after shower.

walnut seasemee, pine, peach, almond

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