Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Introducing 2 holy Power wood

NB: If can keep the $18 DRAGONWOOD best and the $28 Black Diamond cutter if u want. Alot benefits de:>

One is Dragon Healing wood and is known as a royal wood that is very precious. Ancient time, they put the wood in water and drink for healing.

But for me hygene i carry it. U can order now:.

All will be activated :>

There are two types here one is dragonwood where light shine on it from iphone u can see the red color. And the other is Black Diamond cutter wood.

This batch from omhealth is the original high quality

According to tradition

1) Dragonwood and Black Diamond cutter wood
i) prevent to be affected by the others. Ancient mountain people carry when they go around Jungle when is more Yin
iii) U can put office table or pockets when travel or when feel not confident.
iv) Bring success to new endeavors 6. Enhance spiritual power and strength

it is independent to any religion and therefore is suitable to be wear or use by people with any religion.  It comes in mala by omhealth. but wood small piece carry is good enough

What other people say about this wood
1) Defense against negativity
2) "The others" cant near
3) Protect from people negative intention
4) Most positive item with full positive energy
5) Attract royal energy and encourage people to think correctly
6) Welcome fortune, joy and let u see things clearly
7) Reduce gossip

There are many in market , remember get from clean clean one and happy one:>

Omhealth Dragonblood is $18 and the Black Diamond Cutter is $28

Below is the Black diamond wood small log very nice to put beside computer at $55

Dragonblood big one i collect for myself $88 and i put in water test and use the water shower ahahha. I taste abit very bitter just for my testing, u dont ok.

4 years ago we have the bracelet
and now necklace

Necklace with charka is $250

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