Friday, September 30, 2016

Full Holy Wood Set . A and B was introduce few days ago. C arrived today and final one. And rain bow appear ...

Below write out are by ancient recorded properties. For me personally I find auspicious to activate and collect and religious free

A) Dragonblood wood$18
B) Black Ge Mu Ge wood $28
It has high quantum energy to expel negative energy and brings in good luck to people. Self protection and good will and prosperity. Reduce jealousy. Protect house safety. Expel negative forces and brings happiness to people. It comes from the sub-Himalaya of roads, the tree is prized by ancient people for thousands of years. 
C) Black Gold Wood $28
All activated. And is amazing the third piece arrive and rainbow appear in a nice way.
They was in chinese 7th month people look for burnt black charcoal for protecton but this tree is natural black Gold for protection and good luck. 
The native or Avatar does it differently. It enhance body energy.

Thats what others says:

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