Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Liu He Gui Ren Item

Hi all it will be tied and takes time:

Do order before end of October ok>

Your Close friends: 六合是种暗合,暗中帮助你的贵人
is someone that always there for u when u need and never let u down. And will always protect u with care in time of bad and good.
If the year is not very good we work with this trinity friends to lend u a hand.

Back in 1990s, this secret friend fengshui items was so popular in Singapore but people forget about it. And it was not probably produced and made anymore.
However u need to notice this means the energy. And also infact in fengshui the clash friend is not really true.

Now the purpose designing this is time is ripe. Where everyone seems not secure and keep feeling tired. Zu Sa is best to be used to tie. It boost the energy and for those lack of luck and success with this motivation hope u can feel good and thoughts good and good things come

U can carry hang or put in car. 

This can be a wonderful gifts for everyone in Xmas too. As is animal sign and chinese tradition. Nothing religious. But it will be activated with sound energy

On top of each sign is activated with mystic knot because it is really mystical of happening of good things which symbolise happy life and longevity.

SO a present for birthday or gifts is really amazing. Also wishing all to have stable luck.

If You are Rat Your star Friend is Ox 
If You are Ox Your Star Friend is Rat
If You are Tiger Your Star Friend is Pig 
If You are Rabbit Your Star Friend is Dog 
If You are Dragon Your Star Friend is Rooster 
If You are Snake Your Star Friend is Monkey 
If You are Horse Your Star Friend is Sheep 
If You are Sheep Your Star Friend is Horse  
If You are Monkey Your Star Friend is Snake 
If You are Rooster Your Star Friend is Dragon 
If You are Dog Your Star Friend is Rabbit 
If You are Pig Your Star Friend is Tiger

To order email to

Title: I want Gui ren luck 

1) Names with animal sign, mobile and address for courier.

2) When completed we will email u ask u any more things to add on before courier.

3) Takes a month, once complete we courier ur orders

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