Tuesday, September 27, 2016

12 年了 Rooster 2017

Welcome 2017 : 8th Jan 2017 : $45 : Open for registration class@omhealth.com ,

Email name and mobile once confirm transfer and notify.

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12 years ago our first Public Talk on Welcome Yearly Talk appear in

HDB/CPF. I was invited to give a Rooster year talk that time. Follow by many companies hire me to give a talk on yearly 12 animal signs. The last Statboard talk was CPF board in the year  2014. So after which I have turned down many company talk and focus on once a year gather at Auditorium talk.


2017 is a Metal Rooster on a fire Year. So according to many FSM is not a good but let omhealth work with to customise what we can do to smoothen the 2017.

Bear in mind your September , October, December 2016 is a reflection of your 2017 too. So start to do positive things but if u have been doing it is ok. Start any form of good diet this month.
Also why i ask u all drink one time (no need everyday drink) the ribena passionfruit pineapple is because they also very smart listen to us produce a yellow drink. Ahahhah. Buy 6 bottle put at house one time can le.

If not u can buy pineapple , passion fruit and blue berries blend

Items omhealth is in the process of making

1) 6D hulu ( we will tie personally and ready in December for you to change behind main door
2) 5D coin for u to carry once a year
3) 六合 latest animal tie, u need order now as we need to tie according.
4) 2 special item each at $18 Power item will be avaliable in talk:> U be surprise.
5) Get ready the following oil ( awaken, Fresh Morning, Purification, Cypress) Of course the five element oil

NB: Those who use salt method jar , u can throw the salt le.

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