Monday, August 1, 2016

Star Prediction for YOU August Sep

Classes Precious CLasses

1) Get Younger with Bryan , 25th Sep 2016 CSC auditorium, $45 comes with auric roller and foot patch
2) 8th October 5 element exercise class with a pair of healing wood exercise ball and is a first time in Singapore exercise.

email to with name and mobile

NB: Many tried the salt method and luck improves.

Luck so so, do the footpatch u can order is not my brand, u can buy other brand if u find in watson or guardian also ok.

Sickness star 2 is at the center this 2016. So it affects many. U can see many important people kana health issues. So is good u all remember to put ur 6D hulu and dont neglect it. Sometimes touch it. Also ur brass hulu on living room sometimes touch it. Got touch got energy.

This month
1) 3 legged brand Cool water one time, kaya with bread or buscuit to clear the fire
2) Red apple
3) Drink Ginger beer (good quality one) or root beer.

Black tourmaline wear right wrist when under stress .

Final rinse body with 5 element oil when lack of energy. Also buy a yellow towel and put a drop victoria secret four corners of towel and use it to dry ur body after shower.  No need daily la, wait u change all ur towel to yellow so funny. Yellow towel will bring light to aura when combine with two drops of 5 element oil

This period "THREE KING STAR" starts to move in opposite star trek. Also another star " Earth Star" also moving in opposite trek. So this period 4 star moving in opposite trek.

Means: Is transformation period. Means if u have been thinking to change your lifestyle or plans or job, things will start to go accordingly now. Is called the "kick start" month. Also things start to appear better.

But is a challenging period where things and people test ur limit.
Also is a very fire period (spray of protection spray at home and tranquility spray around u). 
U need to be very very determined and persevere during this period for success . Yes success will look for u in 2017 if this month u tolerate. Just show more responsibilities at work . And for health if u put in effort to attend to ur health issues. Some long term health problems will be resolve.
Go see ur TCM, go do foot reflex and COME For 25th Sep 2016 talk (Kick Start ur health la).

This formation will flow till September my talk period. A hardworking for health and career this period will bring success. So this August equip yourself with good food and rest if can.

Is called the wheel of fortune August and September if u want to change your life and your future. And when October arrived Jupiter star will instal good fortune for all

Bryan's work with Angel advice
You need to be perservere towards your vision. Let every thought, word and action be directed towards your desired outcome.
Nothing is more powerful than focued energy and the universe will see the pure light of your commitment, whether it is to a relationship, a piece of work, a journey or anything else in your life.

Remember (ur religion) to ask for help and know when you dedicate your intention to the highest good, Universe will support u.

Universe in this context (is ur religion side one). For me is Guan Yin Ma

Affirmation to use when u hold ur crystals from omhealth:

" I am committed to my vision" say when hold crystal morning 7 times and than say ur goals.
Oil to use : Victoria secret and Fresh Morning.

Inspired Design Mala (limited to adopt )

砗磲是稀有的有机宝石、白皙如玉,亦是佛教圣物。 砗磲是海洋贝壳中最大者,直径可达1.8m。砗磲一名始于汉代,因外壳表面有一道道呈放射状之沟槽,其状如古代车辙,故称车渠。后人因其坚硬如石,在车渠旁加石字。砗磲、珍珠、珊瑚、琥珀在西方被誉为四大有机宝石。


To order this rare $188 21 bead email to
The yellow one 21 beads left one set.

 The design i put in is 2 per piece . And it resonates with OM and if use for 21 Om practice is good.

This  set is $188 and is really a very very good price for u to adopt and limited pieces
The yellow one is $388. Do u know the yellow one is very rare now. Imagine a counch shell full white and is only a smal portion have yellow and near jade feel.

I am totally amazed for what is being created. This is the most beautiful COunch Shell mala 21 bead.

They call it crystallized to jade form almost.

The white one and the yellow one. The yellow one is now priceless and near look of yellow jade.

I come across this stone back in 2008, that time it has different grade but to have it affordable for all omhealth has a $48 21 om mala counch shell which is real stone also.

This stone represent some historical values in buddhism. But I dont want to use Buddhism as a method to sell this mala. But I want to share with u the good energy from it:>

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