Monday, August 15, 2016

Power of Incense

Burning of incense is an art.

An art for busy people to bring peace and harmony to home.

U can burn the full coil (few hours) or break some and burn.

I still remember back in 2012 , i have given a class on incense making workshop. That was so wonderful.

Do u know good incense can lift our energy and transform energetic vibrations of a place. It can enhance our life in a simple way.
Using incense for house can clear obstacles. And when burn u can say Om Ah Hung. Remind yourself to be peaceful. And encourage purification of body mind and emotion.

Try turn on a healing music and burn some incense.

Incense as an Healing Art:
There are times in your life there seems you are lost and it seems all situations result you in a state of fear, upset and tunnel vision.
And when u feel super low, you destroy your ability to find solutions and tend to make your situations worst, And luckily many of us like u and me, we do certain practice and read the blog or have advises that comes in right time to guide us accordingly.

U see when a person is super down, u dont go fortune teller, or whatever, it will make u more stress. My way to handle blockages is to clear blockages with action.
The simplest way i find is to have a good shower (cleanse the body mind), cup of warm beverages to warm ur aura. Apply an oil to calm u down.

Follow by burn a coil incense and look how the incense flows.
The above action remove the resisting and blockages in your body and restore your capability to calm ur mind, and start to let go. Once u feel calm with the coil incense, you restore the your effectiveness through the process of "letting go"

Than when u think back, gosh what happen to u.

Burn some coil incense and say the following words and feel the healing energy.

I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you:

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