Friday, August 12, 2016

House Door and House Luck

Mini News:
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2016 August News:

When you have stay a place for 5 years or more. The house energy need to be cleanse . We dont have to hire people to do this cleansing . But all can do urself.

Let us talk about few places to cleanse in house.

1) Toilet ( 5 element, rose geranium kaffir lime/pomelo oil) in water and scrub floor with coconut brush. Asking maid to do it is useless. U need to do it yourself.
If u have no time, once a week, few drops above in pail of water splash toilet.

Toilet is a place where we detox negativity and also a place where Yin energy is stronger. So it affects the health of family.
If everyone sick in family. Cleanse ur toilet , all will feel better in few days.

Toilet represent how much obstacles u have.

2) Fridge (Eucalyptus and lemon )
Use the oil in damp cloth and wipe fridge. Also put a box of hammer brand baking soda.

Fridge represent ur wealth of family. And lately I have advised some who looking for job long time to activate the fridge with a five dynasty coin at its door. And good job founded.

3) Door

Ur main door represent the welcome of good luck and removal of bad energy.

Plant above do a first blockages of negativity from entering.

Many people emphasis on good luck items at home but forget main door welcome good luck. So heng ball infront of main door amplify good luck.

A 6d hulu behind main door allow ur house fengshui to be activated (is yearly item)

Ur main door can put shoes. But is good to keep in tidy and clean. Normally we dont care our main door tidiness. but if one day u find house energy weird and always feel not comfy. Go clean ur ,,main door with Awakening oil blend.

Awakening oil blend is good to awaken the energy of ur door. Always have a floor matt ur door side (inside or outside) And floor matt must few drops of five element oil and purification oil (once a week) so when u after a day outside walk home it block away negativity.

Main door behind have a 6D hulu. This year the 6d hulu has blocked alot of negativity for many. Serving as a filter.

Having a good door fengshui will increase family career luck. So even if someone lost their job, they will find one quickly.

A heng ball at main door gate is good.


1)30 heng ball is ready for order
2) Awakening blend oil, Purification Oil is $45 each
3) 5 element oil is $38, rose geranium is $45
4) 6D hulu activated $48 yearly item

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