Thursday, August 4, 2016

FM 972 today

11am today FM 972
with Bryan Lao Shi
Today must listen a special mouth rinse even say good for mouth but good for this month:>

2001 Bukit Merah HDB Hub.
Till today I will post this pic yearly.  It all happens this day in 2001. Look at the time is 8pm:>
I used to deliver workshop after my full time job and is not easy. Juggling between and Engineer auditor and health talk on aromatherapy.

I still remember the Indian lady below, her kid was in PSLE that time, and she was under stress but after using rosemary, lemon oil etc ,she passed with flying colors. I wonder how she is now and by now the kid should be an adult:>

Never have I changed in my character (except more "polite" now ahhaha, because i really dont know how to PR, very tiring to PR if u give all to everyone in knowledge in blog).
Dont forget this 25th Sep 2016 talk is a very meaningful one:>

8th October 2016 : Day before Bryan Birthday:
5 element exercise class Special Edition only for ex-5 element class students:>

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