Tuesday, August 9, 2016

七魂六魄 catch the wrong thing

Sometimes is so interesting how our Chinese Fengshui ancient calender works;

This is fire year and Chinese seventh month will be very yin energy where our body liver will be weak as the fire has been burning the wood; and to my surprise when the flying star 2 flies to center chart many will have emotion health issues and a term call lost ur soul may happen ;

Guess what Pokemon game launch in seventh month; and this result in more yin conditions; believe or not this month while people kept catching things there are a series of unknown energy which may affect a person luck more on health aspect;

But is a trend sometimes u can't avoid people doing it; try not to install if u have and many youngster are doing things against tradition of not play play in dark on seventh month; 

Don't try to play with ur luck and catch the wrong energy back;

This is just an advice that not many like to hear or listen; but again play moderately;

I have mentioned September October November December are the crucial month to affect ur 2017; 

Start to lay down rules and love with a conscious life;

Take good food for eyes and use five element oil purification oil or cypress oil if u really go out and catch things;

Sometimes just speechless;

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