Sunday, July 17, 2016

Travel safety charm more than travel

When this was launched early this year ; main purpose is to implant the feel of safety energy whenever we go;
I have not written much:>

I hope that this piece of art  unite people in intention of peace and protection and to heal personal and global issues (sounds big but i believe combine good intention). I hope everyone to be motivated in life:>

When u are free:> Hold ur charm or bracelet
1) Let yourself relax.
2) Feel the gentle peacefulness.
3) Focusing on the picture of this art may help facilitate the flow of good compassion energy

I first come across this drawing last year and in fact a good small one like this was sold at $80 plus ;
So later many types starts to emerge; but to me is ok and intention of this travel charm is to bring safety to people who have and I have one more intention is if every one have compassionate same intention when combine together become a power net of energy.

How u use?
1) tie to ur luggage
2) tie to travel bag when overseas
3) Sleep affected can put awhile beside bed
4) For home. Hang side by side with clear heng ball.

Now clear heng ball is the very first heng ball omhealth created with respect to masters .

Clear Heng ball is $68
Travel (more than travel charm) $18

Courier fee is $5


Let holder to encourage good energy and safety and reputation灭恶缘而无灾祸,息疾病而添福寿、家安宅吉。

For me I hang together with a clear Heng ball just my intention for amplify house energy;
$18 each to 结缘 and activated:)

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