Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Thoughts Paints Your Future

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This period flu coming le, best to use peppermint oil, lemon oil in tissue also:>
Also ginger can be found in shopping cart,

On radio mentioned yesterday the neroli facial oil can massage chest area to release tension and stress.

Well i learn about TPYF since 2001. That time I met an Australian teacher who tell me the secret of this sentence when I was learning the art of Singing Bowl with Her.

NB: Those who have singing bowl of omhealth, u can put  on a piece of cloth and than gong few times holding it. It can clear ur energy.

Things will get better if u think positive now but making it an effort every morning.
The energy of the Star is going through transition from July to September 2016. The star of truth and star of Future starts to going according to many star sign galaxy path. Symptoms is change in job or department . Or things u plan may not have good results.

This star is going this way to readjust the DNA structure of luck for many. Also what u send out to Universe past few years, things starts to happen.

Everyday u hate going work. U dont like ur work etc.
Tell you: The chances of getting transferred to another department or change of boss is high too.
Universe want you to be happy. So will change ur job.


Things to watch out July to August (September will let u know)
1) Take note of your health. ( Select a breathing exercise and do 3 mins every morning)
2) Office table or working table or study table at home

Ur working computer put screen saver of desktop picture of waterfall

When u are facing ur Office Table
Left corner of office table you can put a nice small glass bowl or bottle of Heng Salt

Go Diaso but a $2 small nice cute bottle or jar.
Now clean the jar, wipe dry.
First layer put a cotton and on cotton sprinkle omhealth sandalwood powder and 8 drops of healing trees oil
Fill it 1/3 with seasalt. And than put a $1 coin.
Than cover with salt the rest.
And on top put  5 drops of PAF lime and 5 drops of Love Miracle blend
U can leave this jar on office desk left side of u.

And when stress open the cap for 5mins.

This oil use are fix cant change

Healing trees oil at base symbolise grounding and removal of negativity
$1 coin represent u are in SGD and luck plant in
Top is PAF lime means JOY coin and also love comes

This is called a office luck activation of good aura. Also if u receive a project to do, alot of problems, u quickly do this.

The bottle can leave on the table till September (and is a good protection as 7th month here soon)

B) RIght side of table put a 6d coin hulu. This reduce a number of Shi Fei in office. If is not convenient. If is not convenient to do that. Put a red heng ball right side of office table.


Omhealth Ginger is free from Chemicals. So for Singapore weather u need to keep in freezer. If not those little bug like the rice one will appear in humid.

Improve overall luck

Luck is Ki , Ki is Luck

3 piece of omhealth ginger, put in a mug pour in boiling water. Steep for an hour. Drink it 3 times a week.

If you are going through a bad time and need to attract good luck into your life, read on to see what types of herbs can help you easily attract luck, wealth, money, abundance and healing to your life. It also works to attract good luck, wealth, success and power. 
So when boil le, set an intention says:
Heng heng Ginger drink le heng heng happy

Fruits to eat in July

1) Rose Apple twice a week
This helps to clear negative debris in body.

First, clear the sees at the bottom of rose apple. Than dont slice the rose apple. Bite from tip to bottom of rose apple.

This way eating rose apply taste more and more sweet. It symbolise ur life getting better.

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