Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Small Yuan Tzi Exclusive

I always learn that in times of economic down turn, is good to sell things that is very good for well being and wealth very high quality and dont mark up to heavenly price

The Small Tzi is a Tzi actually acquire by few shops in Singapore. And  I once and for all take all from the master. Is only $68. And I heard this are the one going to be market to $200 plus.

I feel blessed to be able to have it and let u adopt.

I wish all my customer, in times of difficult excel and rise like a star. And when u luck so good and very good, than u can buy more things from me

I believe good things come and good things stay and good things happen when we get things from good happy energy.

U can order the small tzi.

It will be string for u in a blessed 5 color string and activate till September 2016

Please order seperately and we courier when ready. We only have 50 pieces now:>

do remember give name, mobile address, last 3 number of nric

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