Saturday, July 2, 2016

facing issues and turning away from attachment :(Bank Account article)

Bank Account article has been around for few years. And many times in my own language i hope to share with you ways to have a happier life. In this time of poor economy we can still live happily if we want to. But happiness.... what really is happiness....?  As we get older, we seems to be far away from it.... Because when u age 1, u want less, when u are 40 50, ur 40 time to 50 times wanting more things.

Happiness is by definition to me now as peace. And expectation or attachment is the opposite. When things or people didnt turn out to what u expect u  are unhappy. But if u think carefully, that is almost everyday.

Happiness is when the mind is parking at the contentment lot. Dont u find that now many times, your happiness is really dependent alot on external factors like

1) ur work,
2) How people see u
3) Ur health issues
4) ur relationships with parents, love one ...

Life dont really always appear to what u have planned for . Sometimes things turn out to be against what u expect. And we call it suffering .

In life we may be trying many time to achieve things we want, but sometimes endless trying we still cant get what we wanted-----, .... dissatisfaction. On and on and on..... chasing a satisfaction that is impossible to get. And as long as u have too many desire and keep following it, suffering has no end.

But if u stop chasing desire, satisfaction will come and the confused mind will stop the suffering.

Wealth and happiness has no relation. All these u know. If wealth and happiness has relation why so many rich people suffer from mental stress. They should be happier than poor people right?

So from all things u have gone thru in life, u should now learn that mental peace , undisturbed mind , peace of mind are things u should work on it now.

Now in life without understanding the cause of happiness, it is very easy to go on to the wrong direction and chase happiness in a wrong way. And this may harm our health harm people around us etc.

Alot of attachment is like drink salt water, the more u drink the more thirsty u are.

So from today:

Before getting to be, we should review all the actions we did from the time u wake up in the morning to end of the day ur virtuous and non virtuous act. And I believe if we do self appraisal daily like that u will be shocked many of ur happiness and unhappiness is circling on

A) Desire for material gain
B) Desire for happiness and comfort and health
C) Desire for respect and reputation and relationships
D) DEsire for praise and not to be criticise

Basically above four points are things that make u unhappy daily. But u can be happier if u detached.

You are not Saint, u cant just wow , immediately drop all. But u can learn to live with peace. Accept what u are going thru, forgive, let go and confess any negative thoughts.

Example, u may have health issues, but since u have health issues find remedies and document down, what is the main causes and how and ways u want to improve. Than search what is the emotion that causes this illness.... rectify it. And than develop compassion heart by sharing ur experience to handle this problem with people suffering from the same illnesses.

Happiness can be very short and affected by external factor.
U can wake up feeling great but on the way to work, someone give u a black face and anger u, spoilt ur whole day. But if u have the skills, when someone treat u badly, u quickly use my purification oil on wrist and say: "I forgive let go and my character has improve further...:" And before sleep, that day, u have a great story to write... wow i tell u, slowly u will have more and more good luck.

Remember one thing about anger:

U can do alot of charity and do alot of volunteer work. But one anger destroyed the merits u accumulated. So is not easy friend not to get angry. Me uncle also get angry. but I am working on it.

I suggest this:

Use incense, mala, and aroma oil daily spend 5 mins do a mantra. ANd talk to urself how u want to improve yourself.

Trust me doing something better than doing nothing. Learn to handle your life. If u think carefully many times alot of good things happen in ur life but u didnt notice but out of ten things if one things bad happen, u treat it like end of world.

When I design bracelet, I wish all who were understand the motivation behind each bracelet:> This new haemetite Tzi stands for wealth and contentment and release stress.


25th Sep 2016 is a special health and beauty talk. U have the time do shopping, but u dont have the time to come for the talk even it benefit u? Well this is what we normally do. AHahaahhahah.
Make an effort ok:>

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