Monday, July 4, 2016

Blessed blessed single tzi $68 limited edition

This is a very good 开运吉祥物。 

有时,可以在太阳最佳也是阳气最强时。 加强缘珠。
Before sleep can hold this Tzi and make wish for ur good health. Slowly u can feel health getting better.

This is small yet limited edition small tzi for u to keep and when u wan can tie a string to wear etc!

Only 50 pieces and this is exclusive omhealth have only !
Each tzi is only $68 and if market they will make up a lot; this is 有缘tzi!

To order email to this are aged tzi to thank old customers for support and omhealth didn't want to mark up to $200 which is possible in shops; keep one Ba; 

Give me ur name and mobile and last three number of nric and will choose one for u!

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