Sunday, June 5, 2016

Power of Emotion balance

omhealth has 10 kind of blend

omhealth oil can be found in ; Good quality oil since 1998. Try it. 

My lavendula vera and grapefruit u apply a drop wipe office table: Everyone walk pass will say u and smile ahhaha. Quality of oil can be found in my life story write out. 

Five element oil
Bryan Relax blend
healing trees oil
Dragonfly Aeonian oil
Victoria secret blend
fresh morning blend
Purification inspiration blend
Awakening Blend
Spice up life blend
Love Miracle blend


A) You give alot to people and sometimes give until not much energy left for yourself
Your kindness tends to put other people’s needs before your own. You find it hard to say no so you often do things that don’t really suit you because you don’t want to let people down. 
Bryan's Blend to use: Awakening, Purification  (use on warm face towel and wipe body)
Fruits to take 10am to 11am: Pear apple (twice a week)
What to expect from using blend: Greater inner strength

B)YOU are not GROUNDED AND not being urself
You live in the future you imagine for yourself, or when in gathering with people , u always feel space out and cant really connect with people or things. You’re not actually fully present in your body because, on some level, you don’t feel safe to be here. Sometimes so many things happen in ur life and u feel so space out and like cant be bother anymore. Your first chakra is blocked so you can’t receive nourishing energy from the earth.
Bryan's blend to use: Bryan relax blend (power bath method), Love miracle blend
Sometimes u can apply healing trees oil bottom of feet .
What to expect from working with this oil: You’ll feel more grounded and present.

Fruits to take between 11am to 12pm: Red apple (twice a week)

C) YOU’RE Basically burnt out all levels

You’re more sensitive now in life, Ur energy is like near zero. You may feel body mind emotion all depleted.
Sometimes u can be this state when recover from illness or something happen in ur life.
Your body needs sleep and rest to integrate it all before your natural vitality can be restored.
Bryan Omhealth oil: Five element oil to final rinse body, fresh morning oil use in morning wrist. Use Victoria secret in tissue put bag. Or inhale abit daily.
What your Soul needs: Deep rest, be in bed early. Watch ur diet. Blend the oil with coconut oil and massage foot and wear socks sleep  
What to expect from using the oil: Healthy vitality and renewal
Tea to take between 10am to 12pm: Omhealth Ginger high mountain 3 times a week
More chart will be given to u on 25th Sep 2016 talk: Have u registered this talk: Get Younger with Bryan. 930am , fees $45 and is special class 


Hehehe it was amazing how things works out during recording for the show; as u know products that can be on the show only for sponsors; so my own product can't really show it; and many people if need her to hold a product would need go thru a lot procedure and if things she hold will surely sell!

Guess what!! Wow preparing my shoot I apply lavendula Vera and grapefruit and rub my wrist; everyone loves it and she walks over ask me about my oil!
And she says wow so nice must intro, QUeen sAY CAN means can. She says, good things she will intro without fees. .... and she did!!!!
And this pic was taken this way! Power of lavendula and grapefruit since 1998 really 扬眉吐气! good quality is local product and now internationally used ! Of course they got my oil series!

18 years of hard work from people doubting ur oil quality to internationally recognize ! I wan to say thank u too all my students and customers!

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