Monday, June 6, 2016

端午节 to be continues

25th Sep 2016 is that day appear once every many ten years. So i arrange the health beauty talk with deep meaning inside to transform ur energy to welcome upcoming year for better health.

Hope u can make effort to register for this class. It will be very beneficial

U need to register quick de as  as room size given will be smaller and if later will be in waiting list.

Email, details will be given.

This talk , all will receive a gift:>

In fact the Chinese month of fifth month is the fire month. And especially this coming Thursday and few days if u can follow some procedure it will help to really change not so good to good.

A) Oil to use : 5 element oil use more this month especially on 9th June
B) If u whole year sick on and off, this thursday enter temple pray pray after that whole day dont talk about sickness. And in ur pocket must have 5 drops purification blend in cotton. Also morning before go out rinse body with 5 element oil
C) Scrub body if can with Magneto scrub.
D) house burn the medicine coil incense from omhealth (tested free of chemicals)
E) on 9th June, put a yellow lemon on office table of living room table for a week.
F) Buy sweet corn cook and eat on 9th June

Optional : This month get a YELLOW HENG BALL, or if u have YELLOW heng ball, this month wipe with 5 element oil tissue on the ball and say:

Work with Yellow Heng ball this month and next ssix month things will get better.


Next few date u can do above if no time that particular date but 9th june itself best go temple: 15th June, 18th JUNE (BEST TO DO A Healing pouch, I will teach but first go find a yellow pouch or use a yellow cloth sew a square pouch with one opening ( get ready i will announce how to make)

There is a special day shower final rinse with five element oil and scrub body with magneto scrub and than light a coil incense bring good energy is 20th and 23rd this month.

Items needed to use this month
1) Medicine coil incense (make of many herbs)
2) Magneto Scrub body
3) Yellow lemon put office table to extinguise the 5 poison and fire energy. Sweet corn to bring alot of good ness to ur life
4) Five element oil to wipe the house and also final rinse of body
6) Apply awakening blend in ur black tourmaline bracelet and put on navel and rest 10mins. U will recharge.

In ancient time dumpling day is a day where sickness and 瘟神 appear ; that's why few thousand years Chinese will put herbs at door etc! But the Truth is this season many will get sick because of the weather  movement!
This period 五毒 will appear

I suggest this day use five element oil is the key to handle 五月初五;
 Put 5 drops in tissue carry with you whole days 

Also if u do proper this day ur later part of year also good!
This day boil some Lotus leaf drink is very goods. Will announce tonight a special herbs combination to build good energy and make full use of this month to change bad to good.

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