Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cyst and breast tumor and TCM

A very detial on cyst and female health in health blog please go to that blog read

Now emotion and working with aroma and crystals helps

Powerful healing comes from the inside. Our emotions and how we deal with them have more influence on our health than the foods we eat and the exercises we practice. 

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the root cause of breast cancer has been understood for many centuries as negative emo. TCM views breast cancer as a negative energy pattern that requires certain conditions in the body to take root. When we are angry, stressed, or worried and overthinking things, our body's energy takes on a specific frenetic frequency, one that is hospitable to cancer and other diseases. 

By letting go of negative emotions, you can change your body's energy frequency. Doing this makes it virtually impossible for breast cancer to take root. In this sense, taking care of your emotional health is the most effective form of breast-cancer prevention and preventing a recurrence.

Simple preventive maintenance ( one of many recipes)
Maintain female health with a cup of tea evening of three rose and three jasmine flower;

Morning 2 omhealth ginger cup tea;

Use black tourmaline on chest and do breathing exercise

Do rem attend 25 sep talk

It seems to be very common that a lot female having the above mentioned and normally many operation going on this quarter or diagnose;
In my health blog I mention the stagnant energy of liver is main cause of many female illness so frequent clearing liver  energy with aroma oil and crystal helps

Please don't panic; before operation have clean diet but proper diet ; don't anyhow take herbs; u can only take herbs that prescribed by Doctor TCM from proper clinics 

Be aware !
Start to have doctors tie to a medical hall , sometimes they look experienced and convincing and for cancer or tumor they may recommend herbs that one portion is $300 and u need take daily;
This are not proven methods; and please go to proper TCM clinic;

This period work with black tourmaline Bracelet and chant any mantra and focus 

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