Monday, May 2, 2016

Mom's Blend

Today I was thinking to blend some oil for mom's day. I was looking at the carnation and come out with this blend

How I experiment?
I put 8 drops rice bran oil on palm than, 2 drops rosewood and 2 drop Ylang Ylang.
Mix and apply my neck. Gosh the scent is speechless. 

So I  look for a 10ml bottle, filled up with rice bran oil, than 4 drops rosewood and 4 drops ylang ylang or Cananga oil.
Once blended this bottle can give to ur mom.

Let her apply chest and neck before sleep. Or body. Use more:>

Most beautiful blend i created today.

Mom's Blend

increase blood circulation, relieve inflammation, regulate heartbeat, calm a person mood, healthy intestinal

Emotional: release from feelings of sadness and aging and worries for children or family, relaxing the body and soul and inducing feelings of joy. Enable you to glide through high-tension situation with ease, harmony, and peace.

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