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When I see tzi is auspicious

Omhealth has been in Tzi for 20 years. We see the rise and fall and rise and fall and rise in Dzi business.

Tzi now avaliable at

Life is a interesting journey, we need to understand life is a pattern of energy, it has up down, left right, good and no good. Once we know that , all problems is not a problem and all problems are infact blessings too.
Tzi omhealth works on this energy we dont say wa u have this forever good luck but we know it works to encourage balance , once balance good energy come.

Omhealth tzi is activated with music therapy and sound and flower remedies and uniquely by lao shi. Once activated u dont need do anything. At most sometimes cleanse with

5 element oil,
rosemary oil
purification blend

A Tzi can be sold at different price. For omhealth we always sell limited at a very affordable price.

What really is Tzi. And what is fake and what is new and what is aged Tzi.

Infact many many give very vague answer on tzi.

Few person I know in 90s owe very good Tzi and they share with me many tips and I have interviewed many Master on tzi and also some good one and some so so one.

Omhealth once interviewed a very famous master in Tzi business and their business is so so BIG and well-known (see the article below)

Omhealth dont carry Tzi from the dead or temple tzi because is alot complication. The real ancient Tzi are all in temple. Than is omhealth Tzi called new Tzi. Nope we dont call new Tzi, all omhealth Tzi is made on aged agate and u can see :>

All Tzi are infact human artwork on agate so the symbowl create a special energy for luck and happiness and protection. But certain tzi are totally naturally form , they are Heng tzi and medicine Tzi. As long as the Tzi is good aged agate will do.

Tzi are price on

A) the activation of Tzi
B) The effort to imprint the lines and patterns in the Tzi
C) Very new new Tzi or Old Old Tzi

To omhealth Tzi handle with love and care and activated for highest good is important.

A same Tzi some sell $3000 some sell $800. Well u need to factor in their marketing and rental of shop.

Some people to raise the price of Tzi, they ask a group of people to use thumb and rub the Tzi for a year until the Tzi Shine and sell 30 times the price.

So take note u can raise the price of ur Tzi by wearing longer and use thumb to rub it till it shine.

Material of Tzi important: Omhealth Tzi are all very good quality and the making are very nice. A nice dzi should be made of good quality agate with the cutting, drilling and decorating taking many days.

With a few exceptions, new beads are not considered to have the mystic associations of the ancient beads, but it is considered possible to give new dzi similar powers with some time and effort: 1) by taking them to be blessed by activation and also blessed by Masters
Taking them to Guan Yin Temple go over incense 3 times and do charity work

An advantage of having Tzi beads is that they do not carry any of the bad karma of previous owners. 

Below is Heng tzi and is really best to collect. U can 养tzi by rubbing with thumb daily and some use a brush to brush daily. SO this piece become $1000 or more when some shop invite people to rub it daily. But do u want people to rub the Tzi u have ma.... no right.

Omhealth has limited heng tzi, there are shops in retail want to get from omhealth at bulk. But we didnt release and remain $188-228. Money cannot earn finish de, this is my interest and many of u know since 1999 de:>

I daily rub this heng tzi, is a good way to increase ur personal Ki and energy

Earliest tzi omhealth used for customers.

And now we use differnt quality Tzi, Above omhealth sold at $1200 and a client saw in market at $50k.

AAA Agate Dzi Old Natural Stone Tibetan Beads 13*40mm nine Eyed Dzi For Jewelry Making Red free shipping
Above is omhealth Tzi in some bracelet

the most price are below which cost $3k in market and omhealth between $380 to $480. 9 eye will be $580. Below are Tzi with Cinnabar crystal grown in it.

What is considered fake Tzi?

Well , using the word fake is to harsh , probably is the pattern inscribe on different material
They can be made of glass, resin, lampwork, wood, bone, plastic, metal, or non-traditional etched stones. Imitation dzi have a long history, some dating back a couple of hundred years. The older mock dzi have some collectible value. Some of the resin mock dzi have a filling of lead to add weight.
Some people would also call the modern machine-carved and machine-drilled, highly polished new dzi "mock dzi." Almost invariably mass-produced, these are available for less than two dollars, and are often sold by the strand. The etching on these cheap beads has been done very quickly, and the decorations do not penetrate into the inner core of the bead. 
These are usually targeted for sale to mainland Chinese customers as lucky feng shui charms.

Article by world reknown Master from Facebook messenger:
Well we have always said that all dzi beads are man made. In the past they were made by the monks in the monasteries to adorn their Buddhas. This practice eventually lead to monks giving them out as good luck amulets as well and many patrons of temples were even buried with dzi beads in the Tibetan tradition of sky burial.

So yes there are authentic ancient dzi beads around. But where is the source? Destroyed abandon temples or from burial sites or handed down by families?Do you seriously want to wear a dzi that's possibly came from a burial?
Beware of shops that do this and some who will go around tell all Dzi are fake except theirs. Dzi should get from good energy source and feel comfortable. Once u have it wear with peace and good heart a Dzi will definitely protect the wearer with wisdom

My way of handling Tzi:

On special day, i go temple go over incense. And when do charity , i hold my tzi and say merits dedicate to family and all beings.

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