Tuesday, May 24, 2016

POwer of Aura cleansing

Today just want to remind all of u to take care of elderly and also be nice to ur children and educate them early by setting good example

最幸福的父母是有孩子的供养,最幸福的孩子是有父母的支持!omhealth 语语;

Magneto Scrub and five element oil at www.omhealth.com/shopping_cart

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I write again today because ahahah, yesterday a client text me after scrub follow by 5 element oil, some good news came:>

Special Cleansing and wishfulfiling day

Cleanse ur body first and have better aura: A good shower also helps to bring strong body.

Items used: Magneto Heng Body Scrib, 5 element oil

Optional: Protection or tranquility spray mist

Do u know when omhealth Magneto Scrub combine with five element oil final rinse. The effect is amazing.
For students who have all these items dont waste it and start using it. If can combine with a mist spray.

This method was used by many and find it very healing and comfy. The after effect is

i) Encourage u to take control of your energy of your body and also claim your personal power of your own mind and emotions.

ii) Helps the body to regulate and heal itself. The understanding of how to treat and heal the body will become as familiar to people as acupuncture 

iii)  Did you know that your energy field needs to be kept clean as well? Your aura is a shield that wraps around the outside of your body like a bubble. It expands and contracts throughout the day depending on your mood, how comfortable you feel, if you are tired or alert.

It also acts as a magnet for other energy. This means you attract and pick up bits of energy from everyone you come into contact with throughout your day in train, shopping hawker or market
 the person standing behind you in line, etc. 

You give off imprints of your energy to those around you as well. 

By performing omhealth Magneto Scrub and final rinse with 5 element oil you are dispelling the energy that you’ve accumulated throughout your day!

iv)  Create a vortex of energy that align our energy center.

Go and try, scrub body already, clean body already, final rinse with 5 drops five element oil in a pail of water

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Have u had ur black tourmaline wear it left hand:>

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