Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Tzi and crystals and healing items

Remember when working with crystals,Tzi we should release attachment.

there are diffierent group of people, some are sensitive to energy, they can feel vibration and some are not and to tell u the truth the best is remain neutral and no need to feel

Some people when first hold any crystals and Tzi have vibration feelings and so attached to this feelings. And when times goes by this vibration dont feel much.
Is like a Chi gong master, when first learn chi gong, can feel so strong vibration but after 5 10 years they dont  , they just understand the flow and vibration is part of their life and dont say things like oh today i do qi gong, palm no heat how how how.

remember that is a NO NO in meditation,or qi gong. Some people when do meditation , when first time learn, wa can feel peace and vibration but after few years cant feel the vibration and tot meditation not working. this is wrong. The problem is attachment of feeling

Well vibration is always there just that soon ur body wont feel it much.
This is normal, because ur body get used to it and not because u have no more energy.

Uncle me, work with crystals and Tzi 20 years, if everyday feel energy than how to cope.

My approach is , cleanse ur crystal and energise with 5 element oil once or twice a month . And continue to use it with love and light.

Sometimes u wan, can go temple go over incense 3 times.

Dont get attached to the feeling remember?

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