Thursday, May 19, 2016


观音菩萨寻声救苦不要回报、真的要牢记、u re never alone! 

Simplicity is best; don't go here go there do so many things ; because when a person is lost (like career, relationship, health) tendency the mind will be very weak that particular period;

this time quickly have a good sleep (take leave and just sleeP) and have a good meal and be alone for a day and u be ok. Dont make hasty decision. A master I known once says: Just sleep and just go rest.

Beauty of Guan Shi Yin PuSa
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Today I want to share and rejoice with you the faith with 观音菩萨; if you have faith and chant mantra and even do good by observing some positive conduct in speech , being helpful and kind; Even when u have problems in life , quietly go to temple pray to Guan yin pusa , helps will come!

U must understand:人生不如意十次八九,好事一两次only. So if u dont learn to adapt life, u will be unhappy all the time.

Helps comes in different ways
Sometimes suddenly u walk half way, ur thinking corrected and u wow
Sometimes while walking to work or having a break time, ur mind suddenly have a joy and comfort feelings.
Sometimes u listen radio or watch tv the sentence strike u awake
Sometimes u read article seems to relax ur issues
Sometimes u talk to someone on phone, the conversations seems to comfort u alot.

All these advises comes in a natural way and no 负担! is all ur efforts and merits and cultivation. If a person do alot of good things, even this life is very difficult, u can glide thru ur life with the help from many.

In life u will have up and down; when the down is quite bad , simple chant the name of 南无大慈大悲观世音菩萨 as many times as u can and than use ur own language and words ask for protection blessing and guidance !

Have faith all! I witness too many 

Homework for students! Feel the energy

Write a letter to Kwan yin pusa with ur gold ink pen, pen down all the worries and insecurity in life and also als for wisdom and request for ur better journey to be better person so u can help more people


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