Friday, April 8, 2016

Project A: completed

3 years ago we donated with help of V L, build a road in cambodia so students can go school easier. And this road is latest picture and strong:>

Time flies:> And today we going to have a project as below:>

And today we completed a new project and congrats all;

Omhealth Help Out Project.

I am glad one of my students to friend Violet , she dedicate herself to charity and on site visit to do charity. When she request omhealth for help of course we all will as it is very good.

Today complete a new milestone

Project in siem reap again may 27... Anyone keen to gv donations to 130 household -
School kids - how many ? what we are giving ? how much estimated

****There are 185 school children in the village and around 80% of them
without shoes or flip flop. A good quality flip flop cost around
US$3-US$3.50. The children will also need the bikes for school accessing. So
far through the donors we have provided some of the to the needy children
and If you can donate more it will be a very great help.  The cost of the
bike is different based on the brand but the brand we always purchase cost
$50 each.


-          If giving food stuffs to village - how many ? how much ?

****It is a very great help to provide them food supplies,  especially white
rice and oil for cooking because the last rice harvest from last year was
very bad and the villagers will have the food shortage for sure this year. I
believed that at least 60%-70% of the entire village of the total 130
families gets extreme short of food. A sack of simple white rice of 50kg
cost about $38 and 1 litre of vegetable oil is $2.


-          Etc..etc...

**** We also need some food supplies including white rice, vegetable oil,
sugar for 20 children adopted by BFT support center. And it is up to your
kindness of what quantity of food supplies you wish to donate.


Again thank for your kind consideration to help the needy villagers in the
remote rural areas. Kindly let me know if you wish to have further
information or questions.


Warmest and kindest regards,


Sedtha Long, Mr.

Founder & Director

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