Friday, April 1, 2016

Officially Announcement

17th April 2016
Suntec City (seated 930am) completed 11am.
A lucky gathering with omhealth

Recharge and renew the energy of hengness.

Suntec Talk by Bryan lao Shi and Guest Teacher (Mudra hand Dance with flute for luck and health)


Group Chakra balance breathing exercise
Group Positive Affirmation for Good Energy
Pray Pray Temple informations

And all about movement luck and we want to have positive energy in Life.

Class room will be emailed to u once confirmation.

Marble: Suntec Water Energy marble will be given to all.

Fees: $45

Left 12 seats for suntec:> In a comfy hall:>

24th April Orchard Central Talk

Email to with name and mobile: Seats no confirm but u can go and colect marble, Cindy will arrange: left 30.

Alot of time media event asked, me ,

Media: Bryan for our talk, u can be like some artiste, just come talk talk collect money and leave. Why so stress up and give so much criteria. Can u list down less criteria so we can give u more jobs.

Bryan : Well, people make an effort to come all the way to support an event, u should benefit people, and all event should be a channel to spread loving kindness and compassion and good knowledge even is 10mins. 

(I was invited to many talks, but i rejected many because many topics are things which i cant share, just ask me go there smile smile, chit chat...., uncle stubborn turn down )

Media: Speechless

I am invited to Orchard central to give a talk on health and wellness. And to my surprise tat is the day similar to suntec planet day which is too coincidental le.
But again ahahah the space only allow 50 seated. Many has registered le , omhealth will still promise to give the marble and Cindy will let u all know where to meet. Hope u all can surround the stage for that 40mins even there is not seats ok:>

For me, even appear 10mins, i will do my work to ensure u walk away with good knowledge . But that day is HUAT day together again ahahaha. Yes 100 Huat together. And the marble for u is specially designed.

Time and exact place will email to those who have registered: (with mobile and fullname)

Goodies bag from Iweekly only a few, so we dont go for goodie bag , but for the marble and the talk ok:>

Lucky Color to wear: Yellow !!!!!  ( at least some yellow). See suntec suntec many go le, super good heng:>

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