Saturday, April 16, 2016

Lobang !

It has feel ingredients paste le symbolize remove negativity; u can choose calender 除日、破日、闭 do also symbolism draws out of negativity in a simple way;
Past the sole before sleep and wear socks; ankle apply lavender oil

The patch works on foot; although they say paste anywhere but I find foot best other place no much effecr

Is not my product but I find it good and use twice a week can le; I quite skeptical last time but this brand the ingredient very very good and many tried le feel relax next day😀

U buy outside is 13 plus but email is 6 get one free and only 10.90

Product Name: VitaRealm Detox Foot Patch 10’s 

Usual Price: $13.90/box, Promotion Price: $10.90/box + Buy 6 Free 1

Order to send to: or order at

Delivery: $6 or Free with purchase of 6 boxes and above

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