Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Fire Energy

When we know the year is Fire Energy that is burning. First thing u must learn to watch your emotion and be mindful.

So when fire energy out of balance, u can create way to balance it.

Yin Yang Symbol Fire and Water
Example: At one moment u can be celebrating and talking to your friends happily but  after awhile you may become moody for no reason. And some may feel agitation.

Or something just irritate you where u may just focus on the negativity.

Signs of this Fire affecting body:
U feel not smooth and unstable and bias in thoughts and stuck in situations. So what to do ?

1) Have a good shower and final rinse body with PAF lime or purification oil blend.
2) Two slice of High mountain Ginger Dried in a cup of boiling water, steep for 15mins and drink slowly when cook. (Ginger High mountain move the energy debris of negativity from body)
3) Apply clarity or auric roller to head and press LU1 point as shown
4) Those who have 6d Hulu behind main door, wipe with tissue with 5 element oil
5) Travel smooth bring the travel charm if u have.

Rid Fire anger and depression Point.

Take a deep breathe 3 times. Than press this LU1 left and right . Left hand press right, right hand press left. When press u can feel abit sore and slowly massage and do deep breathing.

Slowly u will feel better.

Oil that u can use (tissue or a drop apply)
1) Clary Sage
2) Frankincense healing or holy
3) Lavendula vera

Add peppermint to above if u wan to feel of cooling and circulations.

NB: Allergy (rare) and pregnant woman dont do.

Benefits: Relieves breathing difficulties, chest tension and congestion, emotional tensions coughing, asthma, and skin disorders

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