Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Drink what and thank u

Today Wednesday and tomorrow Thursday:>

Is positive day ;) do some charity also good ok;)
For health and wealth stagnant :
Today and tomorrow 
Drink Ribena (any favour) one time very good for luck.

For family health so so, get them a packet of ribena any favour and say : Wish ur health now super good.

This can be apply to all healthy people:>
If can today do some five element oil bath ;)

promo code set back today for one day only at 9 am; applies to non promo items remember ;) 

Halo all is 4am in overseas now ahahah, didnt rest because of the confusion of orders:> Is actually meant for shopping cart de:> but some email order will ok de la. But no double discount on promotional items which already ends le: Thats why u can buy rose mask which already $55 discount and use again $15. very siong for me de la:>

EHehhhe so let me repeat one more time:>

Thank you all for using the promo code 886. The promocode applies to shopping cart only and is $15 discount . Some confuse with the honey company:>

Oh serum set $100 and rose mask $55 is apply for the weekends only during talk and students.
So if u are students on that day u enjoy this discount already:>

the promo ends le:> that day:>.

So the voucher $15 is for shopping cart purchase de, some may confuse and order thru email for promo which is over le and than add on another voucher end up deduct too many le, i loose out ah.

Omhealth voucher code is 886 and is $15 discount for minimum $100 spending ;)
It will be extended till today Wednesday.

Those who email order don't worry because of the confusion yesterday and today will have $15 discount also (but if ur serum set already $100 le and rose mask already $55 on weekends le cannot $15 again ok) 

Omhealth thankful to all! Even outside can buy things easily and yet u make effort email and cart to buy!

Today at temple I pray for all of customer to be well and happy!

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