Thursday, March 24, 2016

Story of this Green Hulu And Travel Protection

Hi all, i find very cute la u all. Some email order things at 10pm, and ask courier can send next day morning ma:> of course not la. COurier comes only afternoon collect, LengLeng also need time reply email and pack ma:> Ehehhe u all so 看得起我谢谢。

Email takes within 2 days to reply for orders as Leng working night shift. So please be patient dont send multiple email.

Hi all

Significant Behind  the mini Hulu and Travel Charm.

Green Hulu is very mini but finely made with good quality
According to crystal healers: It protect the wearer from accidents and protects travelers. Also helps success in work by motivating a person to be compassion and good heart. It balance in relationships.

I still have not verified above, but i feel the energy is very good and happy to put on my phone or bag. Alot of times i think is the mind attract what we want . So by looking at hulu , i feel ok , I am ok, means ok:> U know what I mean:>

And for every one sold, I decide to prepare either a packet of medicine or rice for elderly. I think this way all are happy de:> (again omhealth has been doing this longest time not telling u only la, this time just let u know to let u feel more more rejoice ok) 

Those who buy one mini hulu at $18 or travel charm, the courier fee is $5 (because we pay $8-12 per courier sometimes).

Kindly make ur transfer to POSB saving 033485310 when u purchase or receive within 2 days and send an email .

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