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Personal Views of Happiness


NewComers; Omhealth dont give personal advise consultations or read floor plan. is a blog to share happily and relax way:> All answers can be found in blog or articles.

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Health is happiness, Peace is happiness. But during that time we are stiving with career and life. We dont really think much about health and personal cultivation.

But if we are able to develop that early than later part of life will be easier.

Cultivation of Personal Development

This process cannot be force, cannot be fake. Must be from within and natural. I see some of my friends after join certain religious group, start to change character. But become not self le. Some is like over polite and keep saying things shui yuan and emptiness.

Well do u know, when the time u know emptiness, u wont say out is from within. Some people escape reality of life with religion. Remember religion is the teaching of masters for us to face the world with courage, compassion and loving kindness wisdom and mindful at all time.

Some youngster in 20s, enter a group suddenly feel themselves is greater than anyone and although they do charity and volunteer but they do more like to show people and also feel they know what is emptiness. Gosh sometimes I see them , i will say wait till u are in career life and family....


Personal Development in Life:

Seating there chant sutra or mantra is not really cultivation without wisdom. Some elderly dont even know mantra or sutra but their mindfulness, compassion and upright character is so much stronger than anyone.

Now in busy life like this with crazy work, stress and technology pollution. We can start simple.

For me , my simplicity is writing blog and hope can help people who are block at the moment. Alot of times you are actually more intellectual and smarter than me, but is only u are blocked.

Blockages: Comes from sudden issues in life, work, relationships. Blockages results in shocked to the five organs and our body defense system cause us to be on guard and hurt in a way.

Is easier to say than to face: Example, when I talk about relationships, the moment u know ur partner lost of faith and seeing other people, the moment u find ur good friends betrayed u, the moment u find out ur work at company is not appreciated.
U will be lost. This period is the time, human are very vulnerable to " People says".
"People Says" is a star sign from planets that appear when a person is weak. U may listen to advises that ask u go this temple go that temple, do this do that, do until very tired. Some master say this say that.... gosh it create more worries than solution.

The most common one is my database list is, when a husband change of love for wife, the lady will go do some" ritual". Aiyo, tell u, when a person lost their love to u and change, no matter what u do u cant change them. Only thru personal chanting of Cundi mantra which many has find improvements , strength and courage.

Cundi mantra has a kind of energy that seems to help many relationships ever since i introduced in


Challenges face in 2016

health is affected because of the illness stars. But those who watch their diet and do breathing exercise, u can recover quickly from it.

Horse and Sheep year was a challenging year that make people very tired. But if u look back now and back than, now is better in comparison.

What to Do when trap?

1) read the articles call " bank account" in this blog.
2) read
3) Chant cundi mantra
4) Listen to Ganesha healing mantra or sing along early in morning, save in ur iphone.
5) use Protection Spray and Tranquility spray
6) Use oil massage neck shoulder and head.
Oil for luck improvements (any omhealth essential oil )

Canaga (eagle claw oil)
Five element oil
Purification Inspiration oil
Awaken oil
Rosemary oil
Eucalyptus oil
Fresh Morning
Victorian Secret

Above few oil i put on desk, as and when put a drop wrist :>

Juice recipes for  2016 to clear blockages:

If either u blend or juice this mixture: It encourage good aura.

Blend A: Clear negative aura that stick to aura (wear ur black tourmaline or Tzi pendant)

Watermelon, Pineapple, grapes, orange, some acacia honey.

Above either u blend them or eat together.

Blend B: Xpress Good Luck

Once u clear blockages, u can drink this:

few drops lemon and green grapes make juice: or blend than drink.


House Good Luck

Wash toilet date : 5th April (check beside label, wash toilet)

6th April: Ligh wishfulfil sandalwood coil in living room before 3pm.

Hulu Day : 15, 17 , 27th april

your house hulu items, u can touch and say the poems below anyday; but if u can do above either 3 dates, is super good.

Or this days, u can put 5 drops 10 spice oil on Hulu Tian Lu and rub the oil in with both palm says the words:
Cleanse ur door 6d hulu or any house hulu item with a spray of protection spray and says
无病息灾, 平安吉祥如意。

Personal handmade mala: This mala is call the star sign mala:> Blend of good quality stones and putihealth seeds: $150 (handmade omhealth 3 )

Below is brough by omhealth to SIngapore with good energy: Soon will have duplicate: This are Obstacles clearing and clear negative

It is activated so when wear round chest area, can feel the calm energy when u about to angry. and when wear to listen to mantra songs u feel connected fast and feel better. Also helps in clearing office politics so u are like dont care state yet people wont affect u . Bring wealth to u once u are calm and help u accomplish ur state of prosperity naturally without using future wealth (very important). All omhealth products is really from within .

U can order above (not neccessary to buy if u have budget issues, is a suggestion, more important is developed ur heart, do breathing exercise, set target daily but writing ur thoughts and ur future thoughts in a notebook)

Auspicious POwer Table weight  $380 is pure agate water wa wa wa and worth the price to adopt for hengness:> to family and house:> If u shift to new place this is a good piece to station ur house energy.

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