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New Energy New Experience

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Hi all

kindly for all newbies or old friends. Do read the articles from " Bank Account" in this blog. Under the label "Bank Account".

This are the experiences from teachers and my gurus intention to help those who are stucked in life and feel inspired after reading.


Sickness and Experiences;

Most people in their 40s or 50s may have this experience. There will be a year where all these happens together and normally is the so call "no good" things. Example, ur work alot of hiccups, ur family one by one has issues (family issues are the most difficult to handle, example if one person sick, whole family mood gone), meeting the wrong people (when a person is down, sometimes ur friends may ask u to visit this master and that power master, but after u meet already more stress), chronic health issues seems not able to handle.....

This period is called the 10-12 cycle body renewal star. Everyone has a star call "Body renewal star". This star happens base on

i) Past life karma
ii) Current life mindset (whether u daily think negative or not, accumulated and happen one time for u)
iii) Ownself create karma (example u always dont sleep well, eat well, even no health issues, u continue unhealthy lifestyle, but once reach 10-12 years cycle, all things comes together) That is why TCM in ancient time is for people to see once a month if healthy.
iv) Never do breathing exercise and personal development
v) too religious until neglect family and parents (there are some, who are so religious to Buddha, wa volunteer here and there, temple help alot people, but when home rude to parents etc....
Do u know the first rules in religion is to take care of ur elderly first).
vi) Wrong intention: u do alot of good, is for own luck (this is common, exampe if i say donate medicine will good for ur health, many will start to donate... (this is normal, i also like that), but if can combine this thinking " May my merits of medicine donation helps alot of people and this people good health and happy, also this merits also help me to minus of the past negative karmas and my family health be well too...."


Everyday to me is a precious day. To me being alive is a rejoice. I have been through the 10-12 years cycle before. At first can be disheartening. IS like u are not a bad person, yet things comes one after and another till u totally exhausted.

If this period u never do daily homework, u may fall to the trap of depression. Once depression seats in, even a master in front of u to help u, u totally cannot see.

What to do if u falls into the 10-12 years Star?

1) Buy a nice small notepad; A new blue and red pen. When a person writes the energy will bring out from body to the paper.

The notepad is a must; ( been teaching this for many years). Now use the blue pen write down how u feel and what problems u have. Example

" I feel not appreciated at work after all this years
" My neck keep having aches and is getting worst
" I cant find romance and feel upset and meaningless

After u write down. read again. And u feel wow. Tha use the red pen strike out all this negative sentence.

Than use the blue pen write what u are going to do.

i) For work, i will do my part, whether it is appreciated anot, may all email i type, documents i touched or things i handle, will bring peace and happiness to people. People who are rude to me in office , may they find peace
( the moment u write this sentence, the few inch away from u angels will send gren and pink rays to ur auric fields, that is why i find wearing a crystal bracelet like black tourmaline, affirmation bracelet u can feel the vibrations.

ii) 2 times a week, perform a Magneto Body Scrub. this body scrub is called Magneto because it cleanse and magnetise ur positive energy. For those who dont have, i encourage u to try . A scrub is better than go here and there ask here and there how to clean ur auric fields.
(for those who  dont want buy this scrub, u can use salt and apply to damp body, leave it on 10mins and rinse off.

NB: Wearing Bracelet and Necklace

I find that wearing of bracelet and necklace that are activated feels good. The bracelet takes care of the protection and also manifest of good energy. The necklace healing (Tzi or master healer) works with the heart energy.

I have people in Pyramid class told me the goodness of the necklace that help them in mindful thinking and calm heart.

I am a great believer. For me I put my necklace in drawers when go sleep. if that night sleep was disturbed, i will take it out and wear to sleep.

Some says wear to sleep may affect sleep. Well u need to experience urself.

1) Wear crystal to sleep if u suffers for sleep issues.
2) If u wear crystal sleep cant sleep well, than dont wear to sleep.
3) Once a month or as and when, 3 drops of 5 element oil in tissue and wipe ur crystals.

B) how to we deal with very "sticky issues"?

For big issues and really troubled u. Go to Ganesha temple walk 108 round. Than when issues resolved. DO charity and dedicate to lord ganesha.

During this period continue to do breathing exercise day and night even is 3 mins.

This period carry ur
i) Gui ren bag (every day when step out of house, say " Gui ren 10 directions come come come"
ii) BBC coin (touch the 5 element and chant om mani pad me hung to balance ur bazi)

C) Health Issues

Sometimes family sickness is deal to weather or viruses. So dont blame to fengshui. If only sick non stop and keep coming back and alot of money spend. Well this time put the brass hulu in living room and bed room.

And ur door 6d hulu really spend alot of time to cleanse the energy entering ur house, do remember to wipe it with 5 element oil and change yearly.

This 6d hulu is designed in a way safe u few hundred dollars for flying stars fengshui. Hope u all appreciate the effort we made to tie this stone.

Go TCM by checking calender on " 除日“。Ok alot people mistaken only choose date to see doctor. I say, u go doctor anytime when needed. The choose date one , is if can choose the date one time in a year for health maintenance even healthy to go for accupuncture to clear energy.

E) Depression

Depressions are due to the channels energy in body not clear . This time round using aroma oil apply on wrist inhale (awakening oil) and do 478 breathing exercise 6 times daily is good.

Wear ur black tourmaline bracelet and the Tzi pendant and day

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,, Hooooooooooooooooooooo, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. This balance ur chest and lower chakra.  U can feel immediately better,

Drink ribena.

F) Sun ur upper back 2mins daily for 7 days.

Apply fresh morning blend 2 drops on stomach and chest. Sun ur  upper back on the 7am to 8am SUN. This will clear many negative sticky black energy. Full proof method to clear the energy. Than when SUN. Chant Ommmmmm.

Try one time if ur life has been so low or when a quick surge of good energy. If u wearing bracelet , put left palm on chest and right palm on navel during the ommm. This position is according to touch therapy of balancing ur lines of channels energy.

G) Food cure

When luck is not so good. Keep ur food clean yet nuitrition. For me using honey is best cure. Honey day Organic Acacia and night linden honey. Trust me buy this 2 bottles, takes me many moneth to finish.

Surround urself with auspicious items:>

I love my

i) BBC coin, design to balance Bazi (I design this years ago, because too many people affected by FSM telling ur what element u weak and no have, until fear of life... . )
ii) Tian Lu , tian Lu hulu and latest Ruyi Tian Lu. Holy wood that increase energy.
This tianlu ruyi brings calmness and energy to body when we rub the ruyi daily.
iii) Cundi pendant, a protective energy pendant.
iv) 6 D and 5 d coin what can i say? Well good for 15 years le and is growing strong:>

Brass hulu Set is so good and simple to use, comes with gold powder.

House energy stagnant

Light coil incense few times a week

Wishfulfilling Pagoda
Medicine COil
Agarwood coil

Oh, i encourage not to whatsapp me questions. U see i have alot of things to do. And prefer to leave my whatsapp for friends;

Sometimes I receive whatsapp (i know not intentional)

1)" bryan i am in supermarket can immediately tell me the name of herbs ...."
2) " can i wash my car today?"
3) U mention the TCM in class, i no time check blog, can give ma address now , as i am outside...

I am no angry:> ahaha but sometimes a day whatsapp is 100 over. If i am those STARs, I will have a PA and answer all. But many know, I am still the same alive Bryan. If sometimes i am in the midst of meeting or prayers suddenly someone send me demanding whatsapp... I will just close eyes pass....

So do email:> And understand email may take time to answer. Also if u send floor plan, my system will auto delete.

Sometimes I also will trap for 1 minute. " My ego self will think, gosh spend so much time provide informations yet people dont appreciate.... than suddenly kwan yin ma holy willow slap me and says" Halo ... everyday people niam to me problems for thousand years and yet i feel so good helping people, u..u .u... ... " Ok holy water sprinkles and i am ok:>

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