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17th April SUntec Talk by Bryan Lao Shi

1) Chakra balancing re run
2) Many good topics:>

Today I shall talk about sickness in Buddhism perspectives.

My guru teacher, see sickness as a broom that sweeps away accumulations of negative attitudes and emotions.

When a person sick they can be very motivated to do good extra, and observe health

A Great master once says"
There is no better fuel than sicknesses to burn off bad karma. Dont entertain a sad mind or negative views over sicknesses, But see them as a signs of the weaking of bad karma and rejoice over them. Also see them as also a warning signal about ur health lifestyle.

For people of any religion, sickness can provide opportunity to slow down, let go, and appreciate life even in the midst of suffering.

Sometimes when your body begins feeling out of balance, u can release the sickness before it takes root by being very restful in mind and body

bryan method:
" Use 5 element oil inhale and do breathing exercise"
" Wash toilet"
" Put some crystals and flowers in house"
"Blue heng ball"

If u come down with flu, dont mind too much.

Last year if u remember, I lost my voice totally the day when I need to give talk for 500 attendees in Orchard Hotel for a talk. But the minute before stage i had my voice.
Than I do a prayer for letting me able to speak and share health news to help more people. On the stage i speak like nothing has happened. To me is a miracle. But after stage my voice gone ahahha:>

When u are sick, try not to feel u are a victim. Everything is impermanent, including sickness, even when it seems as if u will feel bad forever. Remember that the bad feeling will eventually go away.

When u are sick, try to find something to feel good about.
Use aroma oil in tissue when lie down on bed, turn on music rest. Read an inspiring book. Also the experience of ur illness document down and help people.

If u feel really sick, get 3 pink rose and put in the sickroom . The rose will bring energy to the room.

Stages of falling Sick:

When people fall seriously sick, their spirit may plunge. They may feel helpless. They may blame themselves or blame life, blame fengshui, blame buddha etc etc.

Blame has no place of healing and may reduce the healing energy. First acknowledge we are all human and now we are sick, get on with the healing.

Take a wise and reasoned approach to deciding the best treatment and open to any approach that can help. Balance comes in handy when we are sick.

Not every sickness can be fixed. After all, the body is but a guest house. If u know u are left only some time, use this time to know accept and can tell those dear to us how much we love them, and mend relationships that may have become strained. We can find value in the small moments of life that we have.

However dont let go of life too soon! Treasure this precious gift of your life and if there is a chance to live( very difficult to be in human form where u can learn many teachings), be firmly determined that you can and will get better.

When death calls, we must go, this is howit is. But sometimes we can cheat Death abit, we dont have to answer his call right away.

This Universe is like a BIG ocean;; it embraces every soul and every journey toward love. If you allow yourself to fall into the drama of trapped and cannot let go and ego and stucked, you will be of no use to yourself or to others. 

Stay focused on loving kindness  and compassion love and join with many in consciousness who are sending love to the planet and all its inhabitants during this transition time on earth la.

Working with Source of Power:

Daily apply 5 element oil on wrist than visualise ur body crystal clear.

When a person have cancer etc, do take not of ur nutrition. Go to TCM and western doctor too.  Meditate of Guan Yin Healing rays shine to u and chant any mantra daily.  For me u can visualise the Guan Yin Pu Sa nectar streaming down into your own body. Thought of the nectar as helpers that touched and healed the cancerous or tumor cells and purifies emotions.
ANG MO other religion u can visualise SUN light or a bright light or ur religion figure using this method.

Lessons of Love Miracle Blend:
(Use in tissue wipe office table, or desk beside bed.) Use in final rinse of body

Do not put yourself in sorrow,
Do not torture yourself with brooding.
Joy is what gives length of days
Gives your cares the slip, console your heart,
chase sorrow far away;
For sorrow has been ruin of many and is no use to anybody;
Jealousy and anger shorten your days, and worry brings premature old age.

We are here in this world to help and spread compassion. But not just to think but action. Whatever u do no need to amplify unless u can motivate others to do it.

Omhealth has been very careful in this and infact till today we have trained a group of students who auto do donation to charity direct like medicine etc.

Also Homes and also overseas like Cambodia and nepal monastery and educations.

I encourage all students do ur part even though is $1 or $2, it makes difference.

Buddhism , Taoism etc... is not just about following rules and procedures. There were few months I was so busy until i dont have time to chant mantra. But everyday I wake up, i talk to Buddha says, even i dont have time to chant mantra, may my work, my email , my blog and appearance channel ur energy of love and compassion.

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