Saturday, March 26, 2016

Lost World Stay Calm

This is so true. Every 10-12 years every person may face challenges. And if u do accumulate merits daily and also cultivate mindfullness. U can handle well.

Oh before I forget! Cleaning of house make it clean and throw away some spoilt things is the key to improve house energy! Remember that
But again even some who do alot of good deeds, and alot of cultivation. When challlenge come and if u do HOLD ur ground strong, u may be sway:>

Power of Aromatherapy and Fresh Flowers and auric fields.

Looking at a flower, being calm, breathing exercises can be the same as holding up a mirror to your soul in which you can see your life more clearly. When u are calm ur energy will reveal your state of being at that time and help you learn to appreciate your own individual beauty and talents.  This natural package of color and aroma  from good vibration affects both the physical body and the subtle bodies, restoring harmony at a deeper level than medicines made from physical matter. 

A) 5 element oil cleanse house and Purification Blend clear energy
B) Fresh morning brings back the freshness and Awaken blend wake up your aidea.

Case Study A:

Mdm Lee is a very cheerful lady and helpful in community. Performing volunteers work and also go for monthly religious studies. But one year (within a month) , her husband suddenly diagnose with early stage of cancer and daughter has a fall accident which cannot work for 3 weeks.  Even her work suddenly change of Manager and become very demanding on her.

She was totally lost. And forget all about grounding and mindfulness. Also that period her luck cycle matches the 10-12 year challenge for self development. Her emotion was totally affected.
Of course she post her issues in social media being a modern woman. Guess what, many informations came in and she wanted to try all.

One of them is going to a fortune teller. (well fortune teller has many, some ok and some ....).
So thru recommendation she went to "ASK". End up a list of issues were list out by fortune teller and recommended solutions of $5000 plus to resolve. .....

She did. And things didnt improve (because to many when bad things happen, many find that days are like years).
She went back for more advise and requested to buy a charm at $1200.

Than of course nothing much change. And facebook friend advise her to go pray overseas. And she being so exhausted, took long journey travel bus to overseas queue up to pray and again this time no need spend $$$$ but a series of

101 procedure to do when reach Singapore. Until she mentally tired and physical exhuasted.

One day she decided to just go WaterLoo Guan Yin Temple seat there for 30mins and pray morning 8am. And when her mind calm down. Answers start to flow in. She request Guan Yin Pu Sa for strength and whatever experiences she experiencing is not permanent.

She start to start the day of week by cleansing her house, give herself 5mins a day using aroma oil and do breathing exercises; So she continue to pray simplicity. And use aroma oil for cleansing house and shower for body mind emotion support.
By following proper diet and practice for her family , after 1 year she is totally ok. And her family too.

Guess what One year later, the fortune teller came back with a Email, saying her luck subsequent year will be filled with incidents etc.

For a normal person, if after bad things happen and everything turns out ok le, if receive a email of this will totally freak out and ...... fear....

So Mdm Lee,  reply the email (not to provoke anyone). " Thank you master for ur advice, noted with compassion.

Mdm Lee, this time because of what happen to her daughter and recovery husband and daily practice. Her Auric field has become so strong and no negative works will strike fear in her:> So I wanna share with all, to always believe in Goodness, 站的直,坐得正,就有一股正气无形帮你。

Left is a stong auric field and can be achieved by
1) Doing breathing exercise daily
2) Short prayers daily
3) Cleanse with aroma oil and wearing crystals
4) Positive affirmation daily
5) Helping people charity (either monetary help or daily go work say good things and kind with words)

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